Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's A Small World....

Okay, now that you have that song running through your head...(no need to thank was my pleasure!), I thought I would tell you about my surprise!

Several days ago, I came upon a blog called Cottage Days and Journeys. I signed up for her PIF, and heard back from her. Then, in another post, she mentioned that she spent quite a bit of time at "Sisters At Heart". Well, Donna was her name....and as soon as I saw "Sisters At Heart", I had a major flashback!

I used to be a member of Sisters At Heart....for about a year or so. They livened up my days in the desert when it was too cold to go out! I had so much fun there! I could hardly wait to log on in the mornings, and they were my last visit before I headed to bed. (Okay, they were like a drug...and I was addicted...I confess...)

Well, life took a different turn, sickness, surgeries for our Alex, a bad case of Anemia for my MIL, a Stent for Max...A badly stripped muscle (again for Max), my Mom was diagnosed with RA, she broke her hip, it seemed endless! And, I just dropped out of sight...the computer was more than I could handle, I logged on for emails, and at long stretches of time, not even that. So, I just dropped everything, and that included Sisters At Heart.

When I started back on for longer periods, I thought of Sisters At Heart, but felt guilty that I had just dropped out of sight..(reading that it sounds a bit conceited I must admit....they probably hadn't even missed me), and I just didn't have the nerve to go back.

So, back to soon as she mentioned Sisters At Heart (and invited me to visit them), I realized that this was "MY" Donna! I had won a contest there, called the "Mosty Posty"....I know, how fit right in with my "gift of gab"....and she had created a beautiful beaded necklace for me (in the coolest tin box I had ever seen). I wear that necklace a was just perfect, and everytime I put it on, I thought of her! And, by golly, here she was!!!

I emailed her and said..."Donna, Donna, Donna"....(more talking, I will spare you that), and she came back with..."that was me"! And after more emailing (sparing you my gabbing yet again!), I realized that I had found a long-last friend! I am so happy! She and I had some fun conversations, and yes, she helped me win that "Mosty Posty" award, she enjoys a good conversation as well as I do!

So, I have to say....she lives in the most beautiful state (TN), and has a WONDERFUL Cottage home....(and if you click on the photo below? You get an AWESOME up-close view....sigh...)

So, now...want to know that name of it? "Grey Havens" Isn't that just the perfect name?

Isn't it gorgeous? I love it! What a wonderful welcoming place to come home to! And what an awesome place to retire too...if it was me? I would never leave the house!

Now for the kicker? It's for sale!!!! Brenda, are you reading this? It's FOR SALE!! Maybe you and Jeff can go to TN for your next tour of duty? It's your cottage!

Well, I know that Jeff and Brenda won't be hitting the Knoxville area, but if anyone else is wanting to relocate? This is the place! OH! And it has 6 acres with it....I can see fruit trees, an herb garden out the kitchen...a swing, a book, and a cup of coffee.....or tea....or maybe a Mint Julep? Donna has an awesome photo of the stairs, all decorated for the holidays Check it out! This is just a wonderful home! (and if you find you just want it? Contact Donna!

I hope that everyone is settled for the weekend? It looks like it is going to be a doozy! We, on the Oregon Coast, are getting quite the weather! Last night it was high winds, and hail and rain...and rain, hail and high winds, followed closely by hail, rain and high winds. I went to the store last night...and loaded up on essentials.....(Hershey Bars, Paydays, chips, Pepsi, Sauerkraut (Kraut Dogs for dinner...), and of course, salad fixin's...which is what I...okay, I cannot tell a lie....I went for the Hershey Bar, Paydays, Chips and of course Pepsi' has to be prepared for all emergencies, and I have to admit, Pepsi and a Hershey Bar can do a lot to make that emergency go better.......As for the salad fixin's....they just fell into the cart......AFTER I hit the other aisles...............Now, we are all ready...and they are saying that we might even get SNOW! SNOW! I love snow! It is so exciting....I keep watching the windows, just in case it shows up far, no luck...but I've got my fingers crossed!

Well, I think I will close for now....there is laundry to be done....I just realized that if the power goes off (as it is prone to do), there will be no clean clothes.....which is okay with me...who needs 'em when you have sweats? But, what if I have to go somewhere in the car....gotta have that clean pair of underwear on...just in case....

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!


Brenda said...

I love that house! It is gorgeous. Wish I could move there. I am hoping to be able to buy a house when we get to our next base.

Jan said...

I knew you would!

Donna said...

Thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful story and also the promotion of sweet cottage!!!!!!! How funny how life takes its little twists and turns, huh?! The story made me grab my tissues, LOL!

My cottage was built as our dream home and we moved in 16 years ago on a cold December day. We've had many happy memories here, and we adore the beautiful grounds. But it is just getting too much for us to manage and we want to be able to travel more. Thanks to loamy farm siol, we have many beautiful flower gardens, and hubby puts out two vegetable gardens every year. We have planted about 600 trees over the years (yes, 600!) and countless foundation plants. Hubby has almost worn out his 3rd shovel, LOL! And the house is an elegant cottage style, built from a Southern Living magazine plan (over 5000 square feet). Hardwood floors, big doorway openings, soaring cathedral ceiling in the great room, fireplaces, solarium, etc. We need to say goodbye to it now, but some lucky family will someday get to say hello to it!

Karen said...

Oh what a beautiful story!
Isn't it heartwarming to find a long lost friend. I so enjoyed reading this post.
And the house is to die for! Oh, if I only wanted to move south! lol

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Yes I agree Donna is a gorgoeous Beautiful Lady and her house is gorgeous and beautiful too!
If I live dcloser I could just see me there...It is kind of what would be my dream home.
Does'nt PIF create some amazing twists and turns.
The big wide web makes the world much smaller

Jan said...

So, Karen, I can pretty much move South, and into Donna's cottage.....there had better be a spare bedroom for me!!! Think of the new shopping areas for you!! LOL!

Jan said...

PIF does twist and turn doesn't it? And the internet....I keep thinking I don't really need it...but oh, what a much more lonesome world it would be!

Cabin Creek Farm said...

What a beautiful those trees.

Jan said...

It is beautiful! I can just see it in the Fall.....lovely!

Lisa said...

Hey there...hope you had a wonderful Christmas and on to the New Year right? I used to go to Sisters at Heart forum is it the same one? Kewl...and love that house!

Jan said...

Hi, Lisa! I was just thinking of you yesterday! We had a wonderful Christmas! How was yours? And yes, Sisters At Heart is the same one! You should come back! There are so many of the same ones, and it is like coming home! I'll be over to visit your blog tomorrow!