Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's A Small World....

Okay, now that you have that song running through your head...(no need to thank was my pleasure!), I thought I would tell you about my surprise!

Several days ago, I came upon a blog called Cottage Days and Journeys. I signed up for her PIF, and heard back from her. Then, in another post, she mentioned that she spent quite a bit of time at "Sisters At Heart". Well, Donna was her name....and as soon as I saw "Sisters At Heart", I had a major flashback!

I used to be a member of Sisters At Heart....for about a year or so. They livened up my days in the desert when it was too cold to go out! I had so much fun there! I could hardly wait to log on in the mornings, and they were my last visit before I headed to bed. (Okay, they were like a drug...and I was addicted...I confess...)

Well, life took a different turn, sickness, surgeries for our Alex, a bad case of Anemia for my MIL, a Stent for Max...A badly stripped muscle (again for Max), my Mom was diagnosed with RA, she broke her hip, it seemed endless! And, I just dropped out of sight...the computer was more than I could handle, I logged on for emails, and at long stretches of time, not even that. So, I just dropped everything, and that included Sisters At Heart.

When I started back on for longer periods, I thought of Sisters At Heart, but felt guilty that I had just dropped out of sight..(reading that it sounds a bit conceited I must admit....they probably hadn't even missed me), and I just didn't have the nerve to go back.

So, back to soon as she mentioned Sisters At Heart (and invited me to visit them), I realized that this was "MY" Donna! I had won a contest there, called the "Mosty Posty"....I know, how fit right in with my "gift of gab"....and she had created a beautiful beaded necklace for me (in the coolest tin box I had ever seen). I wear that necklace a was just perfect, and everytime I put it on, I thought of her! And, by golly, here she was!!!

I emailed her and said..."Donna, Donna, Donna"....(more talking, I will spare you that), and she came back with..."that was me"! And after more emailing (sparing you my gabbing yet again!), I realized that I had found a long-last friend! I am so happy! She and I had some fun conversations, and yes, she helped me win that "Mosty Posty" award, she enjoys a good conversation as well as I do!

So, I have to say....she lives in the most beautiful state (TN), and has a WONDERFUL Cottage home....(and if you click on the photo below? You get an AWESOME up-close view....sigh...)

So, now...want to know that name of it? "Grey Havens" Isn't that just the perfect name?

Isn't it gorgeous? I love it! What a wonderful welcoming place to come home to! And what an awesome place to retire too...if it was me? I would never leave the house!

Now for the kicker? It's for sale!!!! Brenda, are you reading this? It's FOR SALE!! Maybe you and Jeff can go to TN for your next tour of duty? It's your cottage!

Well, I know that Jeff and Brenda won't be hitting the Knoxville area, but if anyone else is wanting to relocate? This is the place! OH! And it has 6 acres with it....I can see fruit trees, an herb garden out the kitchen...a swing, a book, and a cup of coffee.....or tea....or maybe a Mint Julep? Donna has an awesome photo of the stairs, all decorated for the holidays Check it out! This is just a wonderful home! (and if you find you just want it? Contact Donna!

I hope that everyone is settled for the weekend? It looks like it is going to be a doozy! We, on the Oregon Coast, are getting quite the weather! Last night it was high winds, and hail and rain...and rain, hail and high winds, followed closely by hail, rain and high winds. I went to the store last night...and loaded up on essentials.....(Hershey Bars, Paydays, chips, Pepsi, Sauerkraut (Kraut Dogs for dinner...), and of course, salad fixin's...which is what I...okay, I cannot tell a lie....I went for the Hershey Bar, Paydays, Chips and of course Pepsi' has to be prepared for all emergencies, and I have to admit, Pepsi and a Hershey Bar can do a lot to make that emergency go better.......As for the salad fixin's....they just fell into the cart......AFTER I hit the other aisles...............Now, we are all ready...and they are saying that we might even get SNOW! SNOW! I love snow! It is so exciting....I keep watching the windows, just in case it shows up far, no luck...but I've got my fingers crossed!

Well, I think I will close for now....there is laundry to be done....I just realized that if the power goes off (as it is prone to do), there will be no clean clothes.....which is okay with me...who needs 'em when you have sweats? But, what if I have to go somewhere in the car....gotta have that clean pair of underwear on...just in case....

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Day of Reflection....

Well, today was a full day, and I am exhausted. I just don't bustle around like I used to!

I don't know about you, but I hate waking up and knowing that I have to go somewhere...(okay, shopping and coffees excepted)...and today was one of those days. And it didn't help that the reason we were going out was a funeral.

Max's boss died last week...he was 74. He had fought a valiant fight against Prostate Cancer, 18 years worth of fighting. We were there at the beginning, when they found it, and then when they did the surgery, and as he battled on.

Now, I cry at TV you can imagine my thoughts about this funeral. But, I got out of the house without any Kleenex, and I was bound and determined that I would NOT CRY! Bud was a strong person, and very seldom did one hear him complain about his lot in life. You have to respect that.

We were given a blue strip of paper that had information on Prostate Cancer, and a ribbon that represented Prostate Cancer Awareness was attached. We were asked to wear the ribbon in memory of Bud. The service was wonderful. He was well-known in town, and it was held at the Events Center. He wrote his own Eulogy, and promised us that we would laugh and we would have a good time. And laugh we did...he had a long and full life, and well, it was funny! He chose his music, and one of his daughters and his best friend read the eulogy and told stories. Another daughter had put together a slide show with music. The service lasted 2 hours. 2 hours. It seemed so long at the time, but when you stop to think of was a 74 year life...all condensed to 2 hours. He mentioned Gene and Max, and then Craig...the three drivers that he had....he thought enough of them to mention them by name. Gene and Max were each there for 10 years apiece..Craig was there for several years, and when he found a job in Eugene, a much better paying job and one with better benefits, Bud had no trouble recommending him, though it meant that he and Bob (his son), had to find another driver. And find one soon. Maybe he grumbled about it at home, but not in public.

The minister, at the end, read a chapter in Psalms, and then he said: "I know exactly what Bud is thinking right now. Exactly what he is thinking....he would want you all to open your hearts to Jesus. He would want to know that you would be joining him in Heaven". Then he went on to say, that late this summer, he had gone to Bud's house to visit and Bud had accepted the Lord. I cried. I cried for several, thankfulness....Bud was in Heaven. And then in sadness....that it was so late in his life that he did find the Lord. But, he had found The Lord, and that was what counted.

The final tears were brought on by his daughter...who came back up to the microphone and said...."we were so fortunate that we got to be with Dad and talk to him...we got to tell him we loved him right before he died. Not everyone has that chance. When you go home today, hug you loved ones, and tell them that you love not let them go to bed without telling them...because you never know....."

She's just never know.......

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

6 Things you don't know about me!

Yikes! Well hmmm !! I thought this would be easy but now I am starting to wonder. LOL!
1. I have a house full of stuff.
2. I love to daydream about my English stone cottage that I want someday.
3. My favorite book is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.
4. I don't enjoy housework
5. I have a deep desire to live like a hippie.
6. I love to sit on a mountain top, quite my thoughts, listen to the sounds of nature and be awe of God's creation.

OHHHH Brenda..............

Well, TAG, YOU'RE IT!!!! Come on, give everyone 6 things we don't know about you!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Monday!

Well, here we are...another day...and I spent yet another dollar.....LOL!

I forgot last night that today was Monday! I had all these wonderful plans for today, and didn't realize until I had my third or so cup of coffee this morning, that I had to go to town. Now....I have to admit, reading that last sentence really sounds like I had to really GO to town! But, in all honesty, I live in didn't used to be town, but by golly, now, we are almost just in the middle of town. And I hate to go to town. I love staying home, all locked up nice and warm! But, I dragged my body into the bedroom, into some "go to town clothes", (just didn't think the sweat pants and baggy t-shirt would do.....of course, we live at the beach, technically.....and we have lived here a long time maybe I could have gotten away with it...I mean, I didn't run into anyone that I knew...), but I spiffed up about as much as I could......dare I admit, that I forgot to brush my hair? to town I went to buy milk, eggs, and OJ and bananas. Now, with coupons? That should have set me back about $ how on earth did I get out of there with FOUR bags, and a ticket that said $36.00? I mean, really......HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?

As I drove home, I rehashed the trip to the checkstand in my head.....I did get:

1. eggs, 2-18 packs for $3.49
2. Milk, 3 (1/2 gallons) for $3.00
3. OJ, 2 (1/2 gallons) for $2.00
4. Bananas - $2.04
For a grand total of (ta dahhhhh), $10.53
(Coupons Rock!)

SO, how on earth did I manage to do $36.00 worth of damage? I was horrified....pulled over and looked at the receipt.....(just outside of Taco Bell, so I pulled through and got a Pepsi....large or small they ask? Well, duh...I am looking at a RECEIPT from a store that obviously messed me up...make it a LARGE.....)

As I perused the receipt, making slurpy noises with the straw to the absolute frantic excitement of the seagull that had settled down in the flower bed next to me...(why oh why didn't I get some fries?) came to me...I didn't go through the checker line...I DID IT MYSELF! So, was the computer at the Self Check line that messed me know what they say about computers...oh, yeah..... they are only as smart as the one running them.........

This is what I saw:
Eggs, Milk, OJ, bananas......okay so far so good.......

Ice Cream.....WHAT? Oh,, 5-1/2 gallons for $5.00....still, that doesn't add up to the grand total......and everyone knows that if you don't have lots of ice cream in the freezer, you do not have a well-stocked pantry...and heaven forbid that I fail at that.....

The New Country Sampler, which was a very hard decision....I had done a new subscription, but I didn't have it yet, were they going to send THIS issue to me? Or would it be the next one? And, if I waited and didn't get this one? Would I be able to sleep....but what if I bought it and then they sent it? Hmmmm? Well, I certainly didn't need two.....besides we are in a Recession..(I heard this from a very reliable source), and I should be careful with my money. Investments...that's what I need to do. Well, after thinking this through, (and putting the magazine back on the rack, off the rack, on the rack....muttering to myself.....) I realized that the magazine was an investment.....(towards Maxs' sanity), and if they sent me another one? I would donate it to someone who didn't have one.....So, that added $5.99 to the total...but still....

OH! The last book of the newest Nora Roberts Trilogy...but really, I couldn't count that, as I have been waiting forever for it......and I did get it for 25% that was a steal......and now I would know FOR SURE, that the third guy got the third girl....(okay, I know that this is ALWAYS how it goes, at least for Nora...but what if this is the one book that she changes the formula? Could I look another person in the eye, knowing that I wimped out on the third book? I think not...)

Next out of the bags, a Large sized PayDay candy bar....(Max's request), that was a stunning $1.29 (no coupon), a Hershey Bar with Almonds $1.00 (no coupon), my request I believe....but honestly, by then, it was all a blur......OMG, the ice cream is melting.............

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Busy Sunday!

Well, today is not a day that I will have to wonder what I did.....(which happens much more often than it should around here!). I worked on table runners all day today. If I get it all together early tomorrow, I might get them finished! And, before I pat myself on the back too much...I have to admit, these are Christmas presents and should have been finished, okay started a month ago! I don't know why I do it, but I seem to always be behind! Anyway, if I do get them finished tomorrow, I will post a photo...I am pretty pleased with them so far.....especially since I cut one wrong and as my cousin would say "I had to punt"! Poor Max has spent the day saying "you are your own worst critic" and "what have I always told you"? (see the first comment). And yes, I probably am my worst critic, but, it is what I do, and I do it well!!

Since I was so full of myself, and I felt guilty at ignoring the others, I cooked Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and Greenbean Casserole for dinner. After all, it is Sunday. The faces were priceless. I probably should be a bit cranky about it, one would think that I never cooked a full dinner! Oh, they would be right now that I think of it....Friday? We ate out all day! Except for dinner, that was pizza, and I actually had to GO TO THE STORE and get it, then I had to COOK IT IN MY OVEN! Now that I think of it, that counts as a full, homecooked meal, don't you think? LOL!

Brenda called this afternoon, and she and Jeff stopped by before they left for Alaska. She picked up some of the goodies that we bought on one of our shopping trips. It has been so nice to have her in the same state! We actually got to spend almost two days together, and we had a blast! Now, she is home, and they won't be back until September. But, there is the telephone!

Well, I guess I better get busy and add one more side to one of the table runners, and then I am crawling into my jammies....I would love to get a book out, but if I do? No one would get ANY presents under their tree, (unless, of course, they left their tree up another month....hmmm....that might not be a bad idea...)

So, I will say goodnight, and hope that you all had a wonderful weekend, and have a great week!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sue has a NEW contest!!!!! Check it out!!

Well, guess what? Sue at Oodlekadoodle has done it again! She has a new contest, and it is a great one! It involves, memories, gifts, memories....did I say gifts?!!

To enter, you just need to pop over (she is listed as "blog I am following", or in the Favorite Blog list....and you need to post a Favorite Christmas Memory in her comment box...and well, she has all the rules listed on the can end up with 8 entries....and the many great ones!!

So head on over and check it out!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

PIF--What a Wonderful Idea!

Well, I was surfing around tonight and discovered a new blog.....Cottage Days and Journeys. It's a wonderful blog...and what a fun and wonderful idea she had on it! It was so good, I decided that we needed to play too!!

It is something called "Pay It Forward", and this is how it works...

I added the PIF symbol to this blog and linked back to Cottage Days and Journeys blog. Then, the first 3 visitors of my blog to leave a comment saying that they would like to be involved will receive a handcrafted gift from me within 365 days of joining. Isn't that the greatest idea? These times are so hard for so many, and very discouraging...what a great way to spread some happiness! So, how about it? Want to play along and spread some kindness in the next year? The first 3 to leave a comment and say that they want to participate will get a handcrafted goodie from me sometime in the next year! You also need to follow-up with an e-mail to me at jcolleen(at) to confirm your spot. To participate, you must have your own blog, follow these steps, (linking back to me, instead of Cottage Days and Journeys), and do the same for your first 3 visitors.
Let's spread some happiness!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I've been Tagged!!!!

Well, guess what else I missed this last month? We got tagged!!! Sue at Oodlekadoodle tagged us. So, here are the rules.....

Rule #1 ~ Link to the person that tagged you. Rule #2 ~ Post the rules on your Blog. Rule #3 ~ Write 6 random things about yourself. Rule #4 ~ Tag 6 people at the end of your post. Rule #5 ~ Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their Blog.Rule #6 ~ Let the tagger know your entry is up.

Hmmm...well, are you ready? Here goes:

1. Being a Wife/Mother/Grandmother...the BEST!!

2. I dislike the TV.....okay, maybe that isn't exactly how I feel about it....but hate is such a nasty word!

3. I am sure that I am in the wrong century....I am pretty sure I should be in the 1700's.

4. I am a voracious reader...I will/have read anything put in front of my eyes....(ask my Dad.....on those trips to Los Angeles on Hwy 99? EVERY sign, door, blimp, car license.....)

5. My favorite book/s? The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon...I just finished the set again for the 4th time...when I am finished? I am depressed for a bit...I LOVE those books!

6. When I need peacefulness...It is handwork, whether it be needlepoint, spinning, brings me total peace and contentment.
I am in a totally different world.

So, now I need to tag somebody....and since Brenda isn't home yet? I am tagging her!!!

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A New Award!!!

Guess what I found when I started catching up? A New Award!! From Lisa at Skunk Hollow Blog!! Thanks, Lisa!! Now, I need to nominate 5 people:
Kelly at Once In A Blue Moon
Karen at KM Primitives
Cyndi at Keepers Of The Past
Bethany at Happy To Be Called Mommy
Sue at Oodlekadoodle
The rules of this award are: * Put the logo on your blog or post.* Nominate at least 5 blogs(can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing!* Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.

It's the 2nd of December!

It has been over a month since I last blogged.....and I am so far behind! I had all kinds of good intentions, and even managed a couple days of blogging in a row...but then, life kinda hit us here! The evening of my last blog, we popped Mom F. in the car and headed up the river for dinner. We only made it a couple of blocks and had to pull over so she could get sick. So, we turned around and came straight home, but had to call the ambulance in an hour as we couldn't get the throwing up stopped. She spent the evening in the ER and they sent her home, after they finally got it stopped. She actually looked pretty good.

I spent the night over there with her, and she was up and moving in the morning, and even had about a quarter cup of broth. So, Max came over and I headed home to change my clothes and within about 20 minutes, he was back....Mom wasn't right, he said. So, I ran over and she had had a stroke...but was able to say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the ambulance. We took her to her bed, as she was working herself into a pretty good lather over it, and I told her she had 5 minutes to get better, or the ambulance was coming. After three minutes, I said "times up"...and she replied "oh no it isn't" we argued for two minutes, and I called the ambulance. They were here right away, and one of the crew was one of the ones who had been there the night before, so that was nice. They got her into the ER, and long story short...she ended up spending almost a week in the hospital. She is doing fine now...she has a hard time remembering, but there were no physical leftovers. It caused her total confusion, and bad headaches.

The weekend after she came home, I had a call from my Mom was unconscious and he couldn't rouse her. So, our neighbor came over and sat with Mom F. while Max and I headed South to my folks. The ambulance got there and she got checked out....she was conscious by then. They did lots of tests, and are still not sure what caused it.

I came home, closed my store, and then put a note on Brenda's...she and Jeff are down here for Thanksgiving. It was the first Thanksgiving without Jeff's Mom, so they gathered to help his Dad this first holiday.

On the upside...since she got home, we managed to get together twice....which was really hard to do....what with spending two mornings at our favorite coffee shop, drinking special coffees and catching up, but of course SOMEONE had to do it, so we decided it might as well be us! LOL! And it seems the coffee shop has gone a bit prim, so we had to check their stuff all out...pretty awesome stuff! And then, of course, after we dragged ourselves out of there? We SHOPPED!! We hit some great second-hand shops and loaded up. Then she came and helped set up the village in the hutch...which was wonderful! I just haven't had the energy to do that. Now, hopefully, she will be back in town for a day, so we can do another coffee morning....and I have to get the tree up...I have a feeling that there will be a test!

My brother is going to be starting his own business...he is going to be doing some Western/Cowboy stuff....he is an awesome carpenter, and he has had some great ideas. So, when I get the shop opened again, he may be joining me. Surely there is a way to blend Primitive and Western? We're going to give it a shot, and maybe that will inspire me to get things done! He is a fast worker, and I will be running to keep up with him!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that the Christmas Season is bringing you lots of joy! I am trying to remember that it is not a race, but a Season of Reflection...and Max and I have been doing a lot of that lately.

I am behind on the gift making....the little ones are what I am behind on...and I have to get things off in the mail by the fifteenth, so I need to get it together!

Have a wonderful evening!