Thursday, November 5, 2009

One more photo........

Here are a couple more photos from the Jazz Half Marathon that Brandi did last weekend! I just had to show them! They are of Brandi and her sister Dawn. I have never met Dawn, but I love her sister, and if she is anything like Brandi...(which I am sure she is), then I would love her too!!

What do you think? I would be saying "NOOOOO" if the weather first thing in the morning said I might get wet.....I'm thinking New Orleans Coffee and a Beignet. (I have never had a Beignet...but Brandi assures me she makes the BEST. Another reason I was very sad that we didn't get to GA.....I have always wanted to try one. I just know that I would be hooked...actually, just the thought makes me maybe I'm hooked already. Can that be possible? Thinkin' it might!)
But our Fearless Two...suck it up...and off they go.....running the streets of New Orleans..... OH!! Can you tell they are sisters?!!!