Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trashy Swap and....what can I say?......

nothing!! Absolutely nothing!!! So.....here is where I will start!!!!

Hope that everyone had a Wonderful Holiday Season!! We had a wonderful one, and now, with the first two months of 2010 over, I can say that it is looking good for a wonderful year!!!

So, onto the TRASHY SWAP, which was another of Char at The Pickled Pepper Patch's swaps! I totally love her swaps! This swap was: we had to go to our local Thrift Store, find at least three things, and redo them.....primmed to the max! My Swap Partner this time was Cheryl from Prim From Scratch! Oooohhhhh, my gosh.........how awesome of a partner was she? Need I ask? TOTALLY AWESOME! Check out the goodies below.....and no, I will not share......sorry Mom...I know that you raised me better than that.....but geez.......these are mine........mine, mine, mine!! And, yes, you did hear a little stamp of a foot there.....I am really sorry, and will take a Time Out in a bit. But, right now....check out my goodies!!!
I got a Food Screen!! A Food Screen!!! I have wanted one Forever!!!! (okay, since I saw my first one......which seems like forever!) Cheryl told me that she had to take flowers off of it.....and I am so thrilled that she took the time to do that! I tell you, as I pulled out all the goodies she sent...it was like she read my mind! The Star Box, is perfectly primmed, as well! I love the color, and the way that the mache peeks through in spots. Aged to perfection! (Am I gushing? LOL). I love the match holder as well......I have never done one for me, and I have the perfect place for it! And right next to it will go the darling needlework sampler....I love the warm, primmed tone of it! It is amazing how the primming can just warm a room! The candle smells yummy, and the lotion....oh my....this is one of my most favorites.......I opened the jar.....got a whiff, whipped a finger through....and I was instantly transported to a tropical island...not the grey, windy, wet Oregon Coast that was outside my window!

Thankyou for the goodies, Cheryl!! And Thank you Char for hosting the swap!!