Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Week gone...and what have I done?

Well, here it is, Saturday! And I am exhausted....but have no idea why? I am way behind in my Blog Readings, which I LOVE! It is so relaxing and fun to check in and see what all my favorites have been doing. That is on my MUST DO list for this weekend!

We have had a busy week or two here at home.....first, our Aidan, who is 2, had to be rushed to the hospital, and it was touchy for a bit...turns out he had a virus attack his tonsils, and his lymph nodes, so he spent several days in the hospital in Pensacola, but is home now, and is doing great. Good enough to say "hi grandma" and "I love you", and some other goodies, which I had a bit of a hard time translating! But, he is talking and playing!

My Mom, which as you know if you've read the earlier blogs, is doing great! I spent the afternoon with her while Dad went to town and shopped. She looks good, and we had a great visit. I even managed to get some needlefelting done! Only nailed my finger once, when I puncuated a statement....I have to use my hands less!

I also managed to get Mom F.'s quilt basted, thanks to some awesome friends, Suzanne, Marge and Pat, who gave up their Sunday afternoon to come and help! It is a big quilt, and took a while, but it was well worth it...I put it on the frame and Mom F. spent yesterday afternoon quilting! The photos above are of the quilt...the quilt was pieced by her Mom and is old fabric, and where it looks like folds, that is where I basted it for her, for some reason you can't see the basting really well...which is great, as I had a needle that wouldn't stitch in a straight line!

We also went to the Valley on Thursday to visit with friends before they head to AZ for the winter....(oh, I wish we were going!), and went out to Grandpa's Farm and shopped, brought some corn, squash, potatoes, onions and some peppers home. We had fresh corn for dinner last night...yummy!!! Tonight, more fresh corn on the cob, fried zucchini, and some melon....I can hardly wait!

I am busy typing and listening to this awesome music from 1963....if you have never tried this site, give it a try! I absolutely love it, and just bop some of my days away! It is:

All the Top 100 hits from 1950-1989....right now? It is Andy Williams, singing "Can't Get Used to Losing You".....I was 10.....and I thought he was SO CUTE!!! Had no idea he was my parent's age....LOL! And of course, there was Elvis, The Beach Boys, (and as a California Girl, I knew that they rocked!!), Ricky Nelson (long before he became Rick Nelson, and I was SURE that he was waiting for me to grow up, so we could get married....!) Ahhh, the fantasies of youth!

So, I have been drooling over all the pics of Linda's house (Behind My Red Door), and have decided that I want to look like that too, so to that end, I will be picking a corner, and redoing it, a bit at a time. I'll post the before and after photos as I go!

Well, I have to get busy....I have more plans for the website, and want to get them going! We will be doing a "Featured Artist" each month, which will be fun! And we will also be adding a "Yard Sale" page....Brenda and I both seem to have masses of stuff, patterns etc, that we haven't used, won't use and we need the room! We thought about Ebay, but decided that we would rather not do goes on the website! I am also going to be starting a "Topsite List". Once I get it going, and if you would like to be listed, check it out!

I'm off to have a cup of coffee, then get busy...the days have a way of getting away from me!

Good Saturday Morning!

Good Morning,
My husband is back. He flew in Thursday night. It is good to have him home. I have found that I need to get used to having another person around. We are heading out to Cantwell this morning so he can go Moose hunting. We will be staying in a cabin so we won't be completely roughing it. I am bringing a penny rug to work on. I signed up to do a craft show at Fort Wainwright next month so I am feeling nervous about having enough stuff made. We will be back on next Saturday. I will hopefully be able to put more primitive folk art on the website. I got busy here the last week trying to prepare for my husbands arrival. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I need to get busy or we won't be getting out of here today.

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Contest at Olde Colonial Peddler!

I love meeting new friends, and this last week, I have found several! And Shay, at Olde Colonial Peddler
is having her first Blog Giveaway! So, click on her name, and go and read her posts, then leave her a comment! What could be easier than that? AND, check out the great goodies! This is one very talented lady!! I signed up and I am hoping that I get lucky!!

Quick update on Mom....she is doing much better and may go home tomorrow! She was sitting up and had "been walked"....hmm.....kinda makes her sound like a dog...don't you think? :-) She is anxious to get home from the sounds of it...she described her lunch....and I totally understand the rush to go home!

Haven't talked to the kids, but heard that Gulf Breeze had had a tornado, so after checking, saw that they listed "tree damage". I left a message, quivery voice and all, so hopefully they will call Mom and let her hear their voice...that will make it all better!

And thankfully, it looks like Gustav was a smaller category hurricane, but still, has done major damage. I feel so badly for all those people that have been uprooted, and have no idea whether they will have a home to go home too. Prayers are still going out to them from here.

The big decision here at the moment is: "whats for dinner"? I was thinking cereal? After all, I am not hungry. However, the vote was taken and it is PIZZA from Papa Murphy's. Yippeee! I can probably find the strength to turn the oven on, and go get it. That will take ALL the energy that I have today. I am hoping that my people appreciate it!!! Have a great evening!