Monday, September 1, 2008

New Contest at Olde Colonial Peddler!

I love meeting new friends, and this last week, I have found several! And Shay, at Olde Colonial Peddler
is having her first Blog Giveaway! So, click on her name, and go and read her posts, then leave her a comment! What could be easier than that? AND, check out the great goodies! This is one very talented lady!! I signed up and I am hoping that I get lucky!!

Quick update on Mom....she is doing much better and may go home tomorrow! She was sitting up and had "been walked"....hmm.....kinda makes her sound like a dog...don't you think? :-) She is anxious to get home from the sounds of it...she described her lunch....and I totally understand the rush to go home!

Haven't talked to the kids, but heard that Gulf Breeze had had a tornado, so after checking, saw that they listed "tree damage". I left a message, quivery voice and all, so hopefully they will call Mom and let her hear their voice...that will make it all better!

And thankfully, it looks like Gustav was a smaller category hurricane, but still, has done major damage. I feel so badly for all those people that have been uprooted, and have no idea whether they will have a home to go home too. Prayers are still going out to them from here.

The big decision here at the moment is: "whats for dinner"? I was thinking cereal? After all, I am not hungry. However, the vote was taken and it is PIZZA from Papa Murphy's. Yippeee! I can probably find the strength to turn the oven on, and go get it. That will take ALL the energy that I have today. I am hoping that my people appreciate it!!! Have a great evening!


Gettysburg Homestead said...

So glad to hear your Mom is doing better.


Jan said...

Thanks, Mary!! She is doing better, and I am so thankful! She really scared me!