Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's been a long day.....

Well, since I can't sleep, I think I will just blog! Hope that this finds everyone well, and safe.....especially those of you down in the path of Gustav......we are thinking of you and praying for is a very terrifying time.

I spoke to our daughter and son in Gulf Breeze this afternoon, had some news to give them, but, mostly wanted to make sure that they would be safe in the storm, I know that they will be getting some of the outer bands of Gustav, and I worry! Our son and daughter in GA should be fine...which eased me a bit, too.

Today started with a bang! I had my little, well, okay, it was a LONG list made out with all that I had planned to do today. That was changed before I even got up....we had a phone call from my brother, and he greeted me (not so much, actually), with "Mom fell last night and broke her pelvis and Dad took her to the hospital. She is okay, but he is a mess...get down there"....okay, for those of you who haven't guessed? This would be my "baby" brother, and to make it even more surprising...he was calling from 800+ miles away...while I, the oldest child, and the only girl, (therefore, I RULE), am a mere 30 miles from Mom and Dad. Hmmm, you odd is that? Well, I have to tell you, I thought it quite odd....turns out, I was the LAST one to talk to Dad.....but, I am okay with that (not), as things were hectic, and he thought of Craig first. Of course, it didn't help that I called my Aunt in Central California to give her the news, only to find out that she, too, had already heard. I obviously am going to have some issues to work through, as I am obviously NOT the Queen of my little group of people, but I will be okay with that, someday, probably....possibly......

Anyway, Max and I trundled down to the hospital, and found Mom looking much better than we expected, and while Dad looked a bit worn, he too, was looking better than we thought. We met my other brother down there (the nicest one of the three of us kids), and HE looked better than we thought......Thankfully, the hospital that she is in, is one that she retired from, (she worked in Admissions), and I had also put my time in there, and therefore, as my Mom is the GREATEST (right up there with my other brother), she will be spoilt royally...and Dad will be looked after too. The surgeon told us that the type of breaks (2) that she had, were not good for surgery, so he would be sending her home, and she would have weight bearing exercise, and some therapy, and she should heal in the next 12 weeks, (it is always good to have a timeline, that way she will know how she should behave, don't you think?). So, she should be in there another 3-4 days, and then home.

So, I will close for now, as I have to find that list, and revamp it....maybe tomorrow will see it done! Take care, all!


Linda said...

OH Jan, I am so sorry about your mom. My folks seem to age rapidly over night and my mom's memory is going. My two siblings leave it all up to me to help them. It's hard sometimes - they are my parents but sometimes they look to me to be their parent!

I hope your daughter in Gulf Breeze made out ok. We have old friends in Gulf Breeze! Actually they are responsible for us finding this house 22 years ago.

Looking forward to hearing how that meeting goes! :-)

Jan said...

Hi, Linda! Mom is doing so much better, thankyou! And my brother? Had a call from him the other day to say "I played dumb, and guess what? You were right" to my ears, and I was ever so gracious!!! Our family in Gulf Breeze made it fine. I love Gulf Breeze! Isn't it a small world?!!