Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's been awhile!!!

It's been a while!!! I hadn't realized just how long it had been, until I decided that I needed to get blogging! I am embarrassed!!

Things have been humming along here at home and on the site....As you saw from the blog below, Brenda has been hobnobbing with the elite.....and now she is touring Alaska with her folks! She has been a very busy girl! And she has earned it.....she has worked long hours creating for the, when she gets home the middle of next week? We will be cracking the whip again!!

I have been busy, also, but for the life of me, am not sure exactly what I have done! I hate those days! And they seem to happen more and more often! I have been visiting lots of Topsites, so when you log on to Olde Harbor Saltbox, if you arrow down, you can vote for us!! Also have added some links, with more to is amazing how many sites there are out there and how wonderful they are! Now that I think of it...that may be why I am so far behind this week! I love to surf and check stuff out!

I have done some new Hooked Rugs. They are Locker Hooked, and are very simple and plain. I love them. I will be listing them tomorrow. There will be a small Burgundy Candle Mat, and a large table mat, or even a rug if you is in a very dull khaki greenish tanish color...kind of hard to describe. It is very plain, and reminds me of the Colonial look. I am going to have a hard time parting with it!

I have also dug out Mom's Vintage Post Cards, and plan on doing some tags, and of course, my all time favorite-German Glassing them so that you can use them for Scrapbooking or Cardmaking. They make AWESOME cards, and yes, I will be putting some of them on the first of next week. I have made my list, and I am checking it off....OH, that is Santa!!! Speaking of Santa-there will be some great Christmas items listed by the first of September. I seems so early, but really, time just flies by!!

I will also be listing some odds and ends....some wonderful White Corriedale Wool Roving...and ounce, that is just perfect to pop into a wooden looks great! There is a tiny bit of veggie in it...just enough to make it look nice and prim! It is perfect for spinning, or like I said, just have it out to enjoy. And while an ounce doesn't sound like much, it fills a bowl nicely! That is a great thing about roving, it weighs very little, so you get a lot more than you would think!

Well, it is late, and I have to get some more work done, so will close for now! Oh! And for those of you who have asked? Max's guitar playing is coming right along! (He tells me that I can't say that...but typing is different, don't you think?!). And he is busy trying to decide what we will be taking to the Grandkids when we get back there for the month of Oct....I can say, so far....we're talking a dolly, some books, a cool hat...and of course, something for the newest little Calloway/Franklin baby......but that is still being decided!!

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Hi Jan & Brenda:
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