Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Monday!

Well, here we are...another day...and I spent yet another dollar.....LOL!

I forgot last night that today was Monday! I had all these wonderful plans for today, and didn't realize until I had my third or so cup of coffee this morning, that I had to go to town. Now....I have to admit, reading that last sentence really sounds like I had to really GO to town! But, in all honesty, I live in didn't used to be town, but by golly, now, we are almost just in the middle of town. And I hate to go to town. I love staying home, all locked up nice and warm! But, I dragged my body into the bedroom, into some "go to town clothes", (just didn't think the sweat pants and baggy t-shirt would do.....of course, we live at the beach, technically.....and we have lived here a long time maybe I could have gotten away with it...I mean, I didn't run into anyone that I knew...), but I spiffed up about as much as I could......dare I admit, that I forgot to brush my hair? to town I went to buy milk, eggs, and OJ and bananas. Now, with coupons? That should have set me back about $ how on earth did I get out of there with FOUR bags, and a ticket that said $36.00? I mean, really......HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?

As I drove home, I rehashed the trip to the checkstand in my head.....I did get:

1. eggs, 2-18 packs for $3.49
2. Milk, 3 (1/2 gallons) for $3.00
3. OJ, 2 (1/2 gallons) for $2.00
4. Bananas - $2.04
For a grand total of (ta dahhhhh), $10.53
(Coupons Rock!)

SO, how on earth did I manage to do $36.00 worth of damage? I was horrified....pulled over and looked at the receipt.....(just outside of Taco Bell, so I pulled through and got a Pepsi....large or small they ask? Well, duh...I am looking at a RECEIPT from a store that obviously messed me up...make it a LARGE.....)

As I perused the receipt, making slurpy noises with the straw to the absolute frantic excitement of the seagull that had settled down in the flower bed next to me...(why oh why didn't I get some fries?) came to me...I didn't go through the checker line...I DID IT MYSELF! So, was the computer at the Self Check line that messed me know what they say about computers...oh, yeah..... they are only as smart as the one running them.........

This is what I saw:
Eggs, Milk, OJ, bananas......okay so far so good.......

Ice Cream.....WHAT? Oh,, 5-1/2 gallons for $5.00....still, that doesn't add up to the grand total......and everyone knows that if you don't have lots of ice cream in the freezer, you do not have a well-stocked pantry...and heaven forbid that I fail at that.....

The New Country Sampler, which was a very hard decision....I had done a new subscription, but I didn't have it yet, were they going to send THIS issue to me? Or would it be the next one? And, if I waited and didn't get this one? Would I be able to sleep....but what if I bought it and then they sent it? Hmmmm? Well, I certainly didn't need two.....besides we are in a Recession..(I heard this from a very reliable source), and I should be careful with my money. Investments...that's what I need to do. Well, after thinking this through, (and putting the magazine back on the rack, off the rack, on the rack....muttering to myself.....) I realized that the magazine was an investment.....(towards Maxs' sanity), and if they sent me another one? I would donate it to someone who didn't have one.....So, that added $5.99 to the total...but still....

OH! The last book of the newest Nora Roberts Trilogy...but really, I couldn't count that, as I have been waiting forever for it......and I did get it for 25% that was a steal......and now I would know FOR SURE, that the third guy got the third girl....(okay, I know that this is ALWAYS how it goes, at least for Nora...but what if this is the one book that she changes the formula? Could I look another person in the eye, knowing that I wimped out on the third book? I think not...)

Next out of the bags, a Large sized PayDay candy bar....(Max's request), that was a stunning $1.29 (no coupon), a Hershey Bar with Almonds $1.00 (no coupon), my request I believe....but honestly, by then, it was all a blur......OMG, the ice cream is melting.............


Tanya said...

Oh My Sweet i am sitting here with a smile on my you sound sooo much like me..Only we don't have coupons here in Australia..We also don't have checkout that you use yourself yet..But they are coming..
Have a great day..
Hugs Tanxxoo

Jan said...

Hi, Tanya!! OH MY GOSH!! I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE?!! Thank heavens for that!!! I swear, sometimes I think they should lock me up somewhere safe....

NO coupons? That is just cruel!! As for the self-checkout? I love it! I can be in and out of the store in a minute....well, I would be if I didn't have to shop every aisle...!!

You have a great day too!