Friday, December 12, 2008

A Day of Reflection....

Well, today was a full day, and I am exhausted. I just don't bustle around like I used to!

I don't know about you, but I hate waking up and knowing that I have to go somewhere...(okay, shopping and coffees excepted)...and today was one of those days. And it didn't help that the reason we were going out was a funeral.

Max's boss died last week...he was 74. He had fought a valiant fight against Prostate Cancer, 18 years worth of fighting. We were there at the beginning, when they found it, and then when they did the surgery, and as he battled on.

Now, I cry at TV you can imagine my thoughts about this funeral. But, I got out of the house without any Kleenex, and I was bound and determined that I would NOT CRY! Bud was a strong person, and very seldom did one hear him complain about his lot in life. You have to respect that.

We were given a blue strip of paper that had information on Prostate Cancer, and a ribbon that represented Prostate Cancer Awareness was attached. We were asked to wear the ribbon in memory of Bud. The service was wonderful. He was well-known in town, and it was held at the Events Center. He wrote his own Eulogy, and promised us that we would laugh and we would have a good time. And laugh we did...he had a long and full life, and well, it was funny! He chose his music, and one of his daughters and his best friend read the eulogy and told stories. Another daughter had put together a slide show with music. The service lasted 2 hours. 2 hours. It seemed so long at the time, but when you stop to think of was a 74 year life...all condensed to 2 hours. He mentioned Gene and Max, and then Craig...the three drivers that he had....he thought enough of them to mention them by name. Gene and Max were each there for 10 years apiece..Craig was there for several years, and when he found a job in Eugene, a much better paying job and one with better benefits, Bud had no trouble recommending him, though it meant that he and Bob (his son), had to find another driver. And find one soon. Maybe he grumbled about it at home, but not in public.

The minister, at the end, read a chapter in Psalms, and then he said: "I know exactly what Bud is thinking right now. Exactly what he is thinking....he would want you all to open your hearts to Jesus. He would want to know that you would be joining him in Heaven". Then he went on to say, that late this summer, he had gone to Bud's house to visit and Bud had accepted the Lord. I cried. I cried for several, thankfulness....Bud was in Heaven. And then in sadness....that it was so late in his life that he did find the Lord. But, he had found The Lord, and that was what counted.

The final tears were brought on by his daughter...who came back up to the microphone and said...."we were so fortunate that we got to be with Dad and talk to him...we got to tell him we loved him right before he died. Not everyone has that chance. When you go home today, hug you loved ones, and tell them that you love not let them go to bed without telling them...because you never know....."

She's just never know.......


Donna said...

Thank you for the reminder to never, ever pass up an opportunity to tell someone that you love them!

I am sorry for the loss of your friend!

Jan said...

Hi, Donna! I appreciate your sympathy! It has been a hard year for Max, he has lost several friends this year...makes one feel very mortal!

Brenda said...

Janet, That was very well written. It is so true.

Jan said...