Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's the 2nd of December!

It has been over a month since I last blogged.....and I am so far behind! I had all kinds of good intentions, and even managed a couple days of blogging in a row...but then, life kinda hit us here! The evening of my last blog, we popped Mom F. in the car and headed up the river for dinner. We only made it a couple of blocks and had to pull over so she could get sick. So, we turned around and came straight home, but had to call the ambulance in an hour as we couldn't get the throwing up stopped. She spent the evening in the ER and they sent her home, after they finally got it stopped. She actually looked pretty good.

I spent the night over there with her, and she was up and moving in the morning, and even had about a quarter cup of broth. So, Max came over and I headed home to change my clothes and within about 20 minutes, he was back....Mom wasn't right, he said. So, I ran over and she had had a stroke...but was able to say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the ambulance. We took her to her bed, as she was working herself into a pretty good lather over it, and I told her she had 5 minutes to get better, or the ambulance was coming. After three minutes, I said "times up"...and she replied "oh no it isn't"...so we argued for two minutes, and I called the ambulance. They were here right away, and one of the crew was one of the ones who had been there the night before, so that was nice. They got her into the ER, and long story short...she ended up spending almost a week in the hospital. She is doing fine now...she has a hard time remembering, but there were no physical leftovers. It caused her total confusion, and bad headaches.

The weekend after she came home, I had a call from my Dad....my Mom was unconscious and he couldn't rouse her. So, our neighbor came over and sat with Mom F. while Max and I headed South to my folks. The ambulance got there and she got checked out....she was conscious by then. They did lots of tests, and are still not sure what caused it.

I came home, closed my store, and then put a note on Brenda's...she and Jeff are down here for Thanksgiving. It was the first Thanksgiving without Jeff's Mom, so they gathered to help his Dad this first holiday.

On the upside...since she got home, we managed to get together twice....which was really hard to do....what with spending two mornings at our favorite coffee shop, drinking special coffees and catching up, but of course SOMEONE had to do it, so we decided it might as well be us! LOL! And it seems the coffee shop has gone a bit prim, so we had to check their stuff all out...pretty awesome stuff! And then, of course, after we dragged ourselves out of there? We SHOPPED!! We hit some great second-hand shops and loaded up. Then she came and helped set up the village in the hutch...which was wonderful! I just haven't had the energy to do that. Now, hopefully, she will be back in town for a day, so we can do another coffee morning....and I have to get the tree up...I have a feeling that there will be a test!

My brother is going to be starting his own business...he is going to be doing some Western/Cowboy stuff....he is an awesome carpenter, and he has had some great ideas. So, when I get the shop opened again, he may be joining me. Surely there is a way to blend Primitive and Western? We're going to give it a shot, and maybe that will inspire me to get things done! He is a fast worker, and I will be running to keep up with him!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that the Christmas Season is bringing you lots of joy! I am trying to remember that it is not a race, but a Season of Reflection...and Max and I have been doing a lot of that lately.

I am behind on the gift making....the little ones are what I am behind on...and I have to get things off in the mail by the fifteenth, so I need to get it together!

Have a wonderful evening!


Karen said...

My goodness Jan you have had a horrible month!
Just glad everything is smoothing out for now.

What kind of coffee shop do yo go to...it must be a private owned ne to have their own kind of decorating going on.


Jan said...

Hi Karen!! It has been one for the books, I do think!

You should come out and join us...once Brenda goes, well, I probably won't get back there til she comes home again! It is in Old Town, on the river, (has seating on a patio over the river too), and is owned by the greatest people! In fact, I will take some photos next time I go, and upload them...they have a wood stove, couch, old chairs, tables, it is like home. Brenda and I have decided it is the shop we need!