Sunday, October 26, 2008

How did your week go?

So, how did the week go for everyone? I hope that you all had a great week, and got everything done that you wanted to!

This was a busy week for me....I finally got my soap made...still some to go, that will happen today, but thought I would show you some of the last batch I made...Blackberry Pie with Oatmeal...each weighs between 4.5oz and 5oz...I was really pleased at the color when I was done....wasn't sure how it would go! And they smell so good!!! Of course, these batches won't be ready until the middle of November or so...but, I will have some up today that will be good to go today!

Here is the soap in my small mold....

And these are a few of the bars...

Today I will be making some Mocha Latte Soap, Brown Sugar and Molasses (those are good for today....) Honey Oatmeal, Vanilla Oatmeal......whatever I can get to! I LOVE making soap...almost as much as my candles...which I will be doing soon....look for some Gift Baskets with Soaps, Matching Candles, and Powders.....hopefully they will get up in November in time for Christmas!

Speaking of is almost Halloween!! I simply cannot believe that! I am still in the Fall mode...but I had better get it together and head for the Winter mode!! Is everyone still in Fall? Or have you moved on?

I spent an awesome morning yesterday! So did Max....Brandi called and we spent quite a bit of the morning (afternoon for her!), on the webcam, and got to catch up on things...and to make it all the better? Our Alex was there too...and we got to see her and visit with her! I even got to see her take a nap.....she fell alseep on Mama's lap, and slept through part of it...hmmm....I am you think that is a comment on her Grandma Jan's and PawPaws conversation? Surely not!!!! ;) Her Daddy was gone for the weekend on a fishing trip, so we missed him...but what a wonderful way to spend time! We are so far away from them...and I went to sleep last night, smiling about our visit and getting to see Alex!

Well, I see that Brenda survived the Craft Sale! I am going to get on the phone in a bit and see how she did...drove me nuts not being able to go see what she had done!

I suppose that I need to get up and get some soap started! I am not going to bed until I have a batch or two made......and I am ready for bed now by I need to get it together! Hope that everyone had a great week, and an even better weekend!


Brenda said...


Linda said...

Thanks so much Jan - it was so sweet of you!

Your soap is so pretty. The 'flavors' sound yummy!

Shay said...

Your soap turned out so pretty!! Oooh the scents sound awesome! I know just what you mean, for me it's hard to switch from Fall mode to Christmas mode because it's not even Halloween yet! But I've managed to finally get started on Snowmen now that it's chilly! :)

Have a fun day making soap! It all looks so great!

Andrea said...

Hi Brenda! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I used to live in Alaska, when I still lived back in the US with my folks. We lived in Ketchikan in 1995, and I was there for 8 months before I came to Australia. It was a nice area. Didn't appreciate it much at the time, but I actually miss it now. My parents stayed living there until the moved in 1997.

Going to add your blog to my blog list!


Lisa said...

So pretty and looks yummy! Come on over to Skunk Hollow Blog for your Uber Amazing award! Lisa

Sue said...

Tag, you're IT! Check out my blog to see why!

Sue said...

Tag, you're IT! Check out my blog to see why!

Jan said...

Lisa!! Thanks so much!!! We really appreciate it!! You made my day!!

Jan said...

Hi, Sue! Thanks for the Tagging! I shudder to think what I will come up with!! Are you ready? LOL!!