Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We were gifted with an Award!

Life has been busy here, and I was off the blog for a few days...and guess what I found when I popped on last night!! An Award!!

Sue, at Oodlekadoodle has gifted us with the Fabulous Fall Decor Award! We are so happy!! Thanks, Sue! You always brighten our day!

Now, one of the rules is that we need to pass this great award to six of our favorites.....which is hard, as there are so many! But, as Brenda is busy, it fell to me...and this is who I nominate!

Karen of My Colonial Home

Lisa of Skunk Hollow Country Store

Tanya of Tanya's Prim Thyme Desgns

Mary of Gettysburg Homestead

Tonya of Back Porch Pickins'

Karin of CountryFolk Keepsakes
So, what has been going on with us? Not much in the Oregon place....I have made some more soap, and candles and have some about ready to list...I have been staring at that YoYo table mat I started.......and staring, and staring....and I guess I will just put it away for a is not suiting me....and for the life of me, I don't know why!
Brenda is busy, busy, busy...getting ready for the craft show this weekend. She has an amazing bunch of items to sell....she just amazes me at how fast she can put things together! I keep telling her..."take pictures", and she assures me that she will, so maybe we will have some to post the first of the week!
Mom and Dad Pike showed up today....what a great surprise! And Mom made the distance from the car, up the stairs, and into the house with no walker, nor a cane. Just Dad's arm! She is doing so good! We got all caught up on the Craig is home from SD and in CA. Lance is home for a bit, though I think he is going to Klamath Falls for a few days of work. My family doesn't seem to spend much time at home...!!
Mom F. is busy whipping out the quilt....she is over half-done, and I do believe she is making plans to start another one....!!
I have been making my Christmas list...originally all the kids were getting gift certificates...well the big kids were, the little ones were getting presents...but since we didn't get back to GA and FL....they are getting REAL presents....all handcrafted...well, we do have a little guy...and a big guy...they might get store bought.....little guys are a bit harder to do for than the girls, and big guys....well, we'll see....Shawn, if you read this? Send me a list! Anna, you can send a list, but Grandma Jan already knows what you are getting!! Lauren, Alex and Kaitlyn....Grandma Jan knows what you are getting too....and since you aren't writing yet, (are you writing Lauren?), you have to trust us! Big kids? Already know what you are getting too...but if you have a list...!!
I cannot believe that Christmas is getting so close, so fast! Halloween is just around the corner, then time seems to fly!
Well, it is late, and I am beginning to spend more time correcting my spelling, than the actual off to bed I go! Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Woo Hoo!! Thank ya kindly for the award and the kind words on my blog Jan!! I am honored! :> )

Karen said...

Jan, thanks so much for the Award. I will try and get it on today and nominate.
I have been nomonated for so many and haven't gotten them on....seems I am awarding the same people over and over when I get them. Hope no one minds.
Love reading your Blog.
Hugs, Karen

Jan said...

Karin...You are very welcome! Your blog is so fun! I am so glad that you joined the Starlight Prims Topsites, so I could find you!

Jan said...

And, Karen! I love your blog, and chatting with you! And, I'm sure that no one minds! I still am thinking that you better look twice before you open the door? Everytime I look at those photos, I am ready to pack my bags!!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Thank you so much for the award it is always an honor for me when people think of me. I will get it posted soon.


Jan said...

We love your site, Mary! You deserve it!