Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Afternoon, All!!

Good afternoon all!!! It has been a while since one of us Blogged...and we are feeling badly about that! But, truly, we have been busy!!

I don't know if you noticed, but there are two banners above now.....Starlight Prims and Olde Harbor Saltbox......Brenda and I opened sister sites....with her in AK, and me in OR, there was always the worry about postage! We wanted to save everyone postage, but it was a worry that we might not be able to. We will still be blogging together you can keep up with us here!

Brenda is getting ready for a Craft Sale at Ft. Wainwright in AK, that will be next weekend. She has been busy! So, if you are close to Ft. Wainwright, pop in and see her goodies!

I have been busy with the new site...mine is the Starlight Prims. It is a bit empty right now, but hopefully, I will be adding things regularly! I have just finished some soap...that will hit the site the first of November...with more to follow. I will also have the powder listed...just have to print off the labels. Ornies are almost done too, for the Christmas Season, so check in regularly and see what we both have!

I have also opened a 100 Top Site list, which will be FUN! I can hardly wait to check out who all will sign up...I love checking out different sites..that might be why I don't always get much done in the day!

If you would like to sign up and advertise your site, here is the link: . Free advertising can't be beat!!

I have found several awesome of my favorites is: Skunk Hollow Country Store, which can be found here: . Lisa also has Wymzee Art, which is here: . Some awesome goodies there!

Mom F. is still busy you can see from the photo she is just whipping those stitches in!

Mom P. is doing really well, thanks to all those who ask about her! I went with Dad and Mom on Tuesday to take her to her Dr. appt. in Eugene, and she just walked like she had never had a problem! We are so thankful!! Here is a photo from her "surprise" birthday gathering...

Fall is truly in the air is my most favorite season, I think. On the way to Eugene on Tuesday, everything was bright and crisp....just can't help but make me feel good!

OH! Before I forget, we have also added a button for "Featured Artist", which needs to be changed today, now that I think of it! Last month it was Denia of handcrafted with love by Denia....this month....well, you'll just have to check....Brenda and I have both choses who we want....and I need to get busy with that! So, I will close for now, and get those changed over! Take care and have a wonderful day!!


Karen said...

You both are doing great with your sites - love them all.

Mom sure looks wonderful - this is really a beautiful picture of her. I can relate to all the stitches she does on the quilt!

Jan said...

Thanks, Karen! And Mom? She is still a bit aggravated at all the people who told her "why on earth do you want to hand quilt?" "Are you insane?"...She is bound and determined that this quilt will be done soon! She is going to be 91 in December, and we will have a wonderful quilt from her!

Sue said...

Hi Jan & Brenda,
Was so pleased to hear from you....I know you must of been busy, being with your Mother....That is so very important, and it will last your life time....Good for Mon on her Quilting...What do those people think she should do?...This is what gives her pleasure...I can hardly wait to see your goodies...Thanks for poping in....

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Congrats on the new site! You'll do great!!!

I am glad to see your Mom is feeling better too.


Jan said...

Hi, Sue! It's been nice to get my head up...I was beginning to think that I would never see the sun!!! Mom F. was told to "machine quilt it"....and that just about took her to the roof! The appliques were done by her Mom and Grandma....and we both thought that they deserved some hand quilting....they were pieced by hand! And it keeps her busy, and she is not nearly depressed as she must be tough just sitting with the TV on and nothing to do....I cannot imagine that!

Jan said...

Hey there Mary! I loved your photos of the trip to Louisiana...I really admire you and your dedication! Mom is doing great....and she was able to keep up with Dad and I the other day...we were walking and talking as we left the dr. office, and he forgot to go get the she walked all the way to the carpark....we didn't realize it until we were almost there! And she didn't say a word....I don't know what it is about us Pikes and our our little world, I guess!