Friday, October 17, 2008

What a Gorgeous Day!!!!

How is everyone today? I thought that I would just get goal is EVERY DAY!! We'll just see how that goes! I have been surfing around today, and did some window! There is some awesome stuff out there! I'm really sorry that I decided to behave myself and not do any shopping this month. I actually have been fairly good at that...but, I am starting to itch and twitch.......going to have to shop soon!

We went up the river this afternoon for dinner, and I got some photos of the colors. They are not nearly as beautiful as what all you lucky people back East have....the West Coast just doesn't turn as well as the East....but, it is pretty, and once we have some freezing mornings, they will get brighter. So this is what we saw as we headed out:
And this:

And to top that off...I didn't have to cook dinner!!!!

Brenda sent me a couple photos that she had taken, and I thought I would add them here too...they are good ones!
Isn't Alaska gorgeous? Max and I really wanted to get up there to visit before they left....but it doesn't look like that will happen. Every picture that she has taken is so beautiful!

Well, I had better close is late, and I have to finish making the bed....clean fleece is getting cold here at night! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Tanya said...

How beautiful are the photos it is spring here and the weather is delightful too..But i so wish i could get over to America someday an see it for myself..Until then your photos are very delightful ..
Hugs Tanxxoo

Jan said...

Hi, Tanya! If you ever get over here, give us a call! We'll take you sightseeing! I have always wanted to see Australia. The photos are so wondeful of your sights! I have been meaning to get to your blog...I will be checking in this morning...I have had a bit of a vacation, okay, I've been lazy! But I have missed keeping up with everyone!

Sue said...

You have been given an award…Please go to my blog and pick it up….

Karen said...

Wow, what do you mean the colors aren't as good - look at them, they're gorgeous. Nothing prettier than the turning leaves of fall.

~Tonya said...

What BEAUTIFUL pictures. Such vivid colors.

It is hard to keep up on everything, I say just do what makes you happy.


Jan said...

Karen....after looking at them again....we do have pretty colors! I think it must be a case of "the grass is always greener (or in this case orangier, yellower...redder) on the other side!

Jan said...

Sue, well, you just ROCK!! Thanks so much for the award! We really appreciate you!

Jan said...

Tonya, you're right!! And I LOVE it eventually!!

Brenda said...

Jan you did a great job! Thank you so much for taking up the slack while I am getting ready for the craft shows. I am having a good time doing the craft show. I am hoping that my photos turned out & I will be able to post pictures and hopefully get new items posted to the website.

Jan said...

Thanks! I hope your photos turn out is driving me nuts to be there and see your booth!! And as for taking up the slack? will probably be doing the same soon....I HAVE to get back to see our babies!

Brenda said...

I am done with the craft show but everyone was asking if I was doing more so I am checking the paper to see what is out there. One lady told me that she went to all the bazaars last year looking for me. I was the only primitive seller which made it great for me. Now I need to do a quick house clean, maybe a lick & a promise! Then I will be off on a wild tear again making new items & filling orders. I was surprised at how well I did! Well I have some blond news about the photos. I was snapping away & when I went to go view the photos my camera informed me that there wasn't a memory card in it. I was so angry with myself. Kristin took photos and she said she would email them to me. So hopefully I can get them up by next week.