Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Here it is! A New Year!!! Yippeee!!!! I think that most of us were ready to boot 2008 out the door......I know I was!!! Of course, 2008 brought some wonderful things to us.....the biggest one being our Katelyn.....she made it all worthwhile!

She has her Great Great Grandma's beautiful red hair.....that's the Irish in her!

Another highlight? Jordan lost her first tooth..............

How was everyone's Christmas? I hope that it was wonderful!! We had a very nice Christmas, our family gathered at my brother Craig's house....we didn't have any of the kids home, but we got to spoil our nephew Jamey richly! It was fun!

Our Christmas morning started at 6:00am with the phone ringing, it was our 4 year old granddaughter calling to say that Santa had been to their house, and they got lots of good stuff....including a club house that her Daddy had made for her and her brother.

And she wanted to know if Santa had been to our house.....then her Daddy got the phone and we chatted for a bit.....but once Brad heard that we were supposed to be going to Uncle Craig's, and that wasn't until 8:00am, he was horrified! His reaction? "That's just mean, Mom, get over there so Jamey can open his presents! Don't make him wait"!! !

Jamey doesn't look like he suffered too much, does he?

On our way to Craig's, Brandi called and we caught up during the drive (a whole mile down the road from us!), and while we were doing that, Jamie had been emailing photos to us of Alex and her Christmas............
So by the time we got inside we were well into the Christmas spirit!

Once we got there, Deanna caught us (she's in NZ), and later in the day we heard from Bob.....hopefully when he has time, we will get some Christmas photos of Shawn and Anna! And some of Jordan when Deanna has time!

Right now we are snug in the house...we have had high winds since late last night...supposed to hit 70mph...which I am sure it has at least twice! We get a lot of wind here anyway, so we don't notice it much, but Max is out checking the garage, and all, just in case something hit the ground and we missed it, which I suppose is possible, it being a FOOTBALL DAY here!

I spent yesterday going through some of my baskets of patterns, and was very firm with the time I got through one, I had a nice pile of patterns to go....I am always amazed at how I manage to stash stuff for "down the road"...well, "down the road" hit yesterday, and they are indeed going "down the road"! I have listed some on the website, with much more to come. I had hoped to scan more in today, but will wait until the weather settles. I hate to have the computer on.....we still have a chance of losing our electricity. I am so glad that we have the laptop, I can get my computer fix, and not worry about that little item!

Well, the lights are starting to flicker, so I am going to close this and light some candles......the winds are coming faster and harder, and I want to cuddle up with a book! Tomorrow I will be checking out all the blogs that I have missed the last couple of weeks!!

Hope you all are doing well, and are enjoying the 1st day of 2009!!


Karen said...

What a wonderful post and the children are just adorable!

Jan said...

Happy New Year to you too!! And thank you!! We are pretty partial to our babies!!!!

Tina said...

Just hopping around to get to know you better since I've recently joined the ebay group. I'll be back to visit. Blessings, Tina

Jan said...

Hi, Tina! So glad that you stopped by! Come back and visit!

Couture de Papier said...

Thank you for sweet photo what a darling family!

Jan said...

Thank you so much!!!

Brenda said...

I love the photos!! Sounds like everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Jan said...

It was wonderful! Now, if we could get everyone in the same state....okay, the same hemisphere...that would work..!