Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Officially 2009.............

and I am so glad that I didn't make any RESOLUTIONS! My GOALS are lagging already...what if I had the RESOLUTIONS or the lack of, to deal with....not a happy thought!

I have been spending the last few days making lists, and getting stuff organized so I can photo them. I cannot believe how many items that I have, just sitting, because I haven't managed to get the camera out. Now, when the kids are around, the camera seems to be clicking on the time.....what on earth have I been (not) doing?!! This week is, photos, photos! I have extra batteries and am ready to go!

I finally got my squares for the YCMT quilting project chosen and cut out:

And I even have some of the lines drawn, so hopefully, while football runs in the background, I will be able to get them stitched and cut. I am VERY far behind the you see an on-going theme here? There is, and truly, I am resigned. I would be the child in the class who waited until the night before to study for a test......some things I guess you just never outgrow!

Now, while I have been looking for something that I lost/misplaced/hidden? Guess what I found......all my Homespun items for the website. Towels, Hot Pads and even the Mug, the question is: "should I actually be allowed to have a shop?" Quickly followed by...."should I be allowed to go to town by myself"? The answer, probably not. However, even Max needs a break from me....(well, he says "no", but really, sometimes I glance over and his eyes are spinning...of course, as long as his head isn't spinning, I should be okay..........)

I hate it when I put things away for safe keeping, or worse yet, when I put them someplace so I can find them instantly. That pretty much guarantees that they will NEVER be seen again. Someday, when I am gone....the kids are going to come in and go through stuff (I have made them PROMISE on a HUGE stack of Bibles, that they will not let the neighbors in to help them), and they will find some of the gifts that we bought for them for Christmas' when they were young...(what can I say? We had THREE kids that felt it was their MORAL duty to search out and check out all the Christmas gifts before Christmas.....and no, I have NO idea where that came from.....obviously some far in the past gene...) Hopefully by the time that time comes, those items will be antiques and they can make some money.......Yeah, that's how I can play it......I stashed those items so they could have an inheritance! Maybe I can set it up as a game?

I just glanced up and this is what I see:

The tree has been down for almost two weeks....I missed this, obviously. Now, a confession? I actually TURNED the lights on this morning......I am a well-trained rat obviously! Maybe I can get a part-time job?


Dragon's Dolphin said...

ROFLMAO!!!!! You are SO much like me it made me laugh til I cried! I couldn't tell you how many times I go looking for something saying, "I remember saying, 'I'll put this where I'll know where it is!' Now that I'm looking, I can't find it!" Then I get all mad with myself. Christmas gifts hidden? Hmmm wouldn't know anything about that! LOL Right!!!! At least YOU have your Christmas tree down. DH took down the Christmas village and MISSED the TREE! But when he works til close I'm by myself in the house, and that means I'm in my sewing room with all the lights out everywhere else in the house! And I only turn on the lights if its dark. So during the day I don't. Oh yeah, and living in south MS it isn't dark ALL the time! LOL I TRULY love your sense of humor. A woman after my own heart!

Jan said...

LOL! Oh, Shelly.....that is toooo funny!! Missing the TREE?!!! I absolutely love it!!! for two of us?!!!! Yikes!!! I am thinking that we need to keep it our little secret........the world might not be ready for us!!!!

Karen said...

Another great story....I just love coming here and reading your musings!
You are too a good way.
Hugs, Karen

Jan said...

Thank you, Karen! And I am glad it is in "a good way"! LOL!!