Thursday, January 8, 2009

A New Year...A New Project!

I am sitting here, thinking that while I have decided to not even bother with Resolutions....see I can't even type it straight......I am going to do GOALS. That when..... if......if I fade out and get nothing's no biggie! (well, okay, I'm going to WHINE about it the last three months of the year, but that is just an understood thing around here......
So, the dilemna....what project? Hmmmm....of course I could finish the three needlepoint projects lying around here......there is that knitted scarf for Max....and I really need to get on that, the cold weather will be finished before I am.....then there are the three wool knitted purse projects for the girls that I need to finish and felt....the stack of magazines that are now leaning like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and will be hitting the floor when I add this months' bunch of magazines to it. The beads that I have waiting to become bracelets.......but NO, none of this!! I am going to start a NEW project. Maybe one that I will actually finish on time!!

I had a newsletter from "You Can Make This", and there is was...staring me in the face! I would make a quilt top, and accomplish two (or more) things. I would, maybe, just maybe use some of this fabric leaning crazily out of my hutch.....I could get a gift done......and I might actually get something finished that was FUN! And it sounds so good! It is called a Make-It-Up-As-You-Go-Quilt...and I can do that! It is a NO STRESS project! I am so in!! I will let you all keep me accountable, as I am going to post every week as to what I have done. I am a few days behind, as I just found out about it, but tomorrow? I am digging out fabric!! I want some new fabric? And I have boxes, and I mean boxes of old fabric that I need to use before I get anymore! So, are you ready for this?!

Now,on to other things....Olivia checked out the blog the other day and emailed me, saying;

"love it! Love the pics...however, you need to add Grandma's pictures in there....I've attached a few suggestions!!! love ya".

So, I am posting some for her! Now, bear in mind that these photos are a little over a year old....we took them when we were back in FL a year ago last Oct. And the kids have grown....but they are darling kids, and well....Olivia DID ask....and I am such a obliging person...besides, I love seeing photos of our babies! So, bear with me, Okay? You can see the "before photos"! Here is Max and Lauren, taking time out for a quick read:

While Grandma (Oh so not the best photo of Grandma......) and Aidan play:
Grandpa and Aidan head into the dining room to see what all the noise is about: Big surprise!!! It's Grandma.....getting hugs and kisses from Brad: I am not big on having my photos taken...I prefer to be on the "other" side of the camera...but, Olivia was busy I am!

Well, it is time for dishes....and then Max has a movie for us to watch, and I will make some popcorn...although after looking at these photos...I do not need popcorn.....but, then I have lost weight since then...not a lot....but popcorn it is!


Karen said...

Awww Jan, how wonderful these pictures are!
And I love having a face to put to the I feel I really know you!
Big Hugs, Karen

Jan said...

Hi there! I love the face to a name thing does make a difference, doesn't it? Now, if I could just find the face that REALLY reflects me....hmmm...oh well, I'm sure that it is busy being used somewhere...!