Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brenda's Home!

Yep, she's home again! She had to fly home to do some work on their house, and while she is here, she popped up for a bit on Friday. And you guessed it, we headed right for Bay Street in Old Town Florence!

The plan was go get coffees at our favorite place and catch up...but when we got there? It was FULL! And I mean full!! And most of them were over the age of....well....they all had white.......well, I know that I have white hair, but I am not.......okay, maybe I am.........well, I am.......okay, I'll just say it! It was FULL of WHITE HAIRED OLD people....and they weren't sharing the seating. I mean how rude was that? So we got our coffees, and grabbed a raspberry scone and had to sit OUTSIDE in the car. It could have been worse, I mean we could have walked down there, and then not had a car to sit in....see, I can always find a bright side.....and it could have been raining instead of just gray....but it just threw the morning off! We have a routine, and we like to follow it!!

After coffee, we roamed a bit, she needed to find something for her Mom's birthday, and as I hadn't been there since before Thanksgiving, it was fun seeing some new shops. And there were quite a few new shops. The sad thing was.....Brenda knew about the Herb Shop, and I had no idea it was there!!! Our Health food store had gone out last year, and I had really missed it. Now, what is really pathetic? I LIVE here, and the Herb Store had been opened for 10 MONTHS!

I took the camera so I could photo the coffee shop, but since we were only there for a few minutes, and, it was full of, well, you know...those people....I snapped a couple shots while we wandered the town. It was gray and dull looking, but, I snapped away anyway!

This is one of the oldest buildings down used to be the Bridgewater Restaurant, but now has new owners, and they call it the Zebra something...(no idea doesn't fit, but then no one actually asked me what I there you have it....):

This is looking down the street towards the bridge:

I do wish that all those electrical wires were underground!! They really show up! It is hard to imagine, as I look at these pictures, but at Christmas, Old Town is just magical...twinkle lights everywhere, the street lamps lit, they have a old-fashioned band in the gazebo playing Christmas Carols....really, now that I look at is kinda blah!!! Oh well, on with the tour!

This is looking Eastward:

Brenda and I took photos of us, on the dock, below the is Brenda.....

And, okay, this would be me....I hate photos of me! This is the view from the dock:

This is looking up the river:
This is a shot of under the bridge: I guess I will have to take photos this summer, when town is full, and the sun is is actually quite colorful!

Well, we are headed down to my folks' house...Dad is cooking dinner for me for my birthday, which is actually tomorrow....but in this family? We celebrate for the whole month sometimes!!!


Dragon's Dolphin said...

So it was dull and grey—you had a good friend with you and you got to spend the day together wandering around this grand old towne. What more could you ask for? Sounds like a perfect pre-birthday day to me. BTW, Happy Birthday a day early!

Jan said...

Thanks, Shelly! It was a good day!! And dull and gray..that is pretty much the Oregon Coast in the Winter....after so long, one would think I would be used to it!!!!

Karen said...

Jan what a fun day! I loved your tour - and I think it was quite nice regardless of the dim day. But I do bet it's beautiful at Christmas.

Jan said...

It is, and I will be sure to photo this Christmas!

Donna said...

It may have been a dull, grey day, but you had happy smiles! Hope life is treating you well these days! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Jan said...

Thank you, Donna!! And life is good!!!!!