Thursday, July 10, 2008

A New Beginning!

Well, here I am, blogging! I never thought that I would actually have a blog! Not that I can't and won't write and bore everyone to death...(just ask my close friends and family....I truly can carry a LOOONNGGG conversation all by myself, and have on many an occasion!)

My friend, Brenda and I have finally opened our store!! Well, technically, it will be open Friday...and all the shelves won't be full, but we will be working our little tushies off to get those stocked!

A bit of history about us, you ask? Of course! Brenda and I have been friends for what seems like forever! We both worked at the same hospital, and then she married, he is in the Air Force, and I retired. Now, she and I have always wanted to open a "real store", but as you can imagine, it was hard to do with her moving about the country, and at times, so did my husband and I. We tried a webstore about 5 years ago, and had fun...but we were SO not brave, and finally, it went away! After much talking and whining, and more whining...we decided to give it a try again! And I have to say, so far, we are very pleased! Of course, as I mentioned earlier it is not open for another day but we have managed to get it together without any tears, yelling, screaming, or running to the fridge for the wine bottle (well, okay, to be honest? I did have a SMALL glass last night, but I swear it was with dinner, and it was definitely after I think I am okay?)

My family will also be delighted that they can see how well Mom (as well as Daughter, Sister, Niece, Most Favorite Cousin, Best get the picture, right?) has been behaving....I seem to have given up on letter-writing, and our phone calls can be full of silences when I say something...and their brains are spinning...."has she told me this before? No? Hmmmm....she should have.....MOOOOOMMMM"

I just want to share some of the goodies that we will have on the I am going to pop some photos up...the Watermelon Lamp is one of Brenda's creations...I love it! It just screams SUMMER!!! And the beautiful Penny Rug is also hers...alas, it has sold, but this will be a pattern that we will be offering in the shop soon! (right, Brenda?)

Well, enough about me today! I'll be back tomorrow to post our Shop URL...

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