Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our First Sale! And a Gorgeous Sunset!

Good morning, everyone! It is feeling like Fall here on the Central Oregon Coast! And summer? I think we had a whole 4 days of it!! Of course, from talking to everyone, the weather has been weird everywhere this year, so really I can't (shouldn't!) complain!

We had a very exciting evening here last night. Just before I shut off the computer I decided to check out the mail for the last time, and well, guess what? WE HAD OUR FIRST ORDER! Very exciting!! I had to run to the phone and call Brenda to tell her that she had sold her "Crow, Watermelon, Sunflower" Wallhanging! I have to say...it made our day!!

I have been busy stitching up Snowflakes and Icicles from Oodlekadoodle's pattern, I love them! BUT, I have to say, it is proof that truly, no snowflake looks the same! And my living room looks like it is full of snow!! Hoping to have them on tomorrow early! Also hope to have some Needle Felted Felt Cone Ornies up sometime tomorrow. So be sure to check it out!

Brenda is busy finishing a special order.....well, special orders! She was working on them late last night. Then she will be back designing and putting some new goodies on the website!

I thought I would add a photo that I took last night. It is not the best Sunset that we have had here on the Coast, but it was beautiful! I have been so fortunate to live in several places that just have the most awesome sunsets...here on the Oregon Coast and in the Arizona Desert. When you see one of those sunsets, you just cannot doubt the power of God!

I'll be back to post in a day or two...as soon as I get out of the snow!


oodlekadoodle said...

You go girls....I am so proud of the wonderful work you have done...I will list your blog on my blog....The sunset is awesome and egverything you both have made looks good....Happy bloging.


jcolleen said...

Sue! Thanks so much for the kind words, and the compliments! Brenda and I both love your patterns that we have and we always wait anxiously to see what new goodies you have designed!