Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday!!!! Yes!!!

Yippee! It's Friday!!! And yes, I know that I don't work, (well, I do of course), but I don't work outside the it shouldn't matter, right? But it does! Friday just makes my little heart happy!

So, how was your week? Busy, interesting, restful? All of the above? Mine was definitely all of the above! I did a bit of everything, which is kind of bad, as I didn't finish anything! But, this weekend! Watch out!

We did have sad news this week. Our WASAH Forum Sister, Denia (handcraftedwithlovebydenia), had to leave and go to Birmingham. Her father had passed away. Denia, if you read this? We are all praying and thinking about you! We love you and miss you!

One of the unplanned things that happened was a quick trip for me to the dentist. What I thought was just a quick Meet n Greet visit, turned out to be a "hmmm, let's just clean this one spot, and you have a root that needs to be removed, so how 'bout we just take care of that....." and before I knew it, out went the root, and I thought he was cleaning the whole time! He had me figured right though...if I had made an appt. for the root removal, I would have been a basket case!

I am sitting here, typing and listening to some wonderful music. Max got a guitar this last week, and has been busy playing it. He is learning, but I think he sounds good. He just shakes his head when I say that...but I just parrot back to him what he is forever telling me: "you are your own worst critic". LOL

I'm not sure exactly what I did all week, but it must have been something, because I am just tired!! I did get some more things added to the Blog..check out the right side! AND, now you can also click on the Olde Harbor Saltbox logo above and go directly to the website! Thank you, Sue!! I had no idea that I could do that!

The snowflakes and icicles are ready for their last little dip....Buffalo Snow and Mica! They are so pretty! Sue at Oodlekadoodle has the greatest patterns!

I talked to Brandi this week, and she said "Mom, where are the candles"? So, I promised I would get those candles on by Sunday.....guess what I will be doing tomorrow?!! Taking candle photos! I promise, Brandi!

I will also be adding Lavender Dryer Bags, and something else, but for the life of me, I can't remember what!!!! It must be bedtime! Snowballs!! That was what it was!

Brenda has been BUSY!! Along with doing her special orders, she has added an awesome Harvest/Fall Penny Rug...her own design, I might add. Also a Snowman and a set of Elf Shoes!

Both of us have auctions going now. I have put on a couple sets of Vintage Halloween Postcards, covered in German Glass. They have always been a good seller. I haven't done any auctioning since last Fall, so I had to get re-acquainted with Ebay! The Postcards are printed out on cardstock and then covered with the German Glass. They are copied from cards in my Mom's Postcard collection that she started when she was a small girl.

In the next Blog, I'll post some photos of where we live.....just in case you are interested!!

Well, I better close, my eyes are drooping, and the next thing you know I will fall asleep on the keyboard...wouldn't that be a kick! See you soon!

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