Monday, January 26, 2009

Look What Was In Our Email......

Oh, this made our day......isn't she beautiful!! (you will notice that there is no question mark? Because of course, EVERYONE will agree on this!!)

This is Katie! She is our youngest and she is just a ball of fire!!! She is going to keep her parents, not to mention her big sister and brother busy!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brenda's Home!

Yep, she's home again! She had to fly home to do some work on their house, and while she is here, she popped up for a bit on Friday. And you guessed it, we headed right for Bay Street in Old Town Florence!

The plan was go get coffees at our favorite place and catch up...but when we got there? It was FULL! And I mean full!! And most of them were over the age of....well....they all had white.......well, I know that I have white hair, but I am not.......okay, maybe I am.........well, I am.......okay, I'll just say it! It was FULL of WHITE HAIRED OLD people....and they weren't sharing the seating. I mean how rude was that? So we got our coffees, and grabbed a raspberry scone and had to sit OUTSIDE in the car. It could have been worse, I mean we could have walked down there, and then not had a car to sit in....see, I can always find a bright side.....and it could have been raining instead of just gray....but it just threw the morning off! We have a routine, and we like to follow it!!

After coffee, we roamed a bit, she needed to find something for her Mom's birthday, and as I hadn't been there since before Thanksgiving, it was fun seeing some new shops. And there were quite a few new shops. The sad thing was.....Brenda knew about the Herb Shop, and I had no idea it was there!!! Our Health food store had gone out last year, and I had really missed it. Now, what is really pathetic? I LIVE here, and the Herb Store had been opened for 10 MONTHS!

I took the camera so I could photo the coffee shop, but since we were only there for a few minutes, and, it was full of, well, you know...those people....I snapped a couple shots while we wandered the town. It was gray and dull looking, but, I snapped away anyway!

This is one of the oldest buildings down used to be the Bridgewater Restaurant, but now has new owners, and they call it the Zebra something...(no idea doesn't fit, but then no one actually asked me what I there you have it....):

This is looking down the street towards the bridge:

I do wish that all those electrical wires were underground!! They really show up! It is hard to imagine, as I look at these pictures, but at Christmas, Old Town is just magical...twinkle lights everywhere, the street lamps lit, they have a old-fashioned band in the gazebo playing Christmas Carols....really, now that I look at is kinda blah!!! Oh well, on with the tour!

This is looking Eastward:

Brenda and I took photos of us, on the dock, below the is Brenda.....

And, okay, this would be me....I hate photos of me! This is the view from the dock:

This is looking up the river:
This is a shot of under the bridge: I guess I will have to take photos this summer, when town is full, and the sun is is actually quite colorful!

Well, we are headed down to my folks' house...Dad is cooking dinner for me for my birthday, which is actually tomorrow....but in this family? We celebrate for the whole month sometimes!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We The People............

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America......"

Normally, I don't write about controversial items.....I feel strongly that there is enough on TV (over and over and over....well, you get the drift), and then there are the papers. And then there are the people, whether pro or con.....that go on and on...over and over and over.....and quite honestly...I HATE arguing! But today, well, I just feel like I have to SAY something.........

We were up this morning and while Max took a quick walk, I grabbed my coffee cup, and whipped the TV on, and settled myself in my chair, ready to watch something that for the first time, in a very long time, I felt I had to see. Frantic that Max would be late, I muttered and muttered..."slow it down....wait....he's not home....come on......." and miracle upon miracles, he made it home on time. And so, together, we watched History being made. Now, it doesn't matter who you voted for....or if who you voted for won or not......because we have a new President, and along with him a new future. Maybe not the future some of the country envisioned, but is everyone's future.

As I sat and watched, I found myself remembering...(oh, no, a sign of age?), the summer when I was 12. Specifically, August 11th, 1965. I was in Los Angeles with my Mom and brothers. We were returning to my grandparents house, driving on the freeway, and it was dark. And off to the side, in the distance we could see a orange glow. The closer we got, the brighter the sky. The louder the was the night that Watts came alive. For those of you who are younger, the struggle of equality was a living, breathing, tangible thing in the 60's, and that day, in 1965, peace was shattered. It would never be the same.

It doesn't matter who was wrong or who was right. There was wrong and there was right on both sides. But it was an awakening......I will never forget that night.

Watching the Inauguration today, I got goosebumps. I was witnessing something that will forever be history. The Inauguration of our first African-American President. No matter what his legacy will matter how the country feels, this is history! And whether you voted for him or not, he is our duly-elected President. I never thought I would see this day come. The 60's are not really that far away. We've come a long way.....and there is still a long way to go..........but we will be together on this journey. How exciting that will be!

Karen, at My Colonial Home, takes wonderful photos of her travels. I was reading her blog the other day, and looking at those wonderful photos. I told her that I loved her photos, that my passion (next to God and my family) was History....and as I typed that note to her, it reminded me that all through my growing-up years, it was History that was a constant for me, along with my family. This passion always was, always will be. And I feel humbled that today, January 20th, I was able to see History again.

We live in a remarkable country, one who, though it is still young, is still growing....and with the inevitable growing pains, it is moving ahead.....God Bless America!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Officially 2009.............

and I am so glad that I didn't make any RESOLUTIONS! My GOALS are lagging already...what if I had the RESOLUTIONS or the lack of, to deal with....not a happy thought!

I have been spending the last few days making lists, and getting stuff organized so I can photo them. I cannot believe how many items that I have, just sitting, because I haven't managed to get the camera out. Now, when the kids are around, the camera seems to be clicking on the time.....what on earth have I been (not) doing?!! This week is, photos, photos! I have extra batteries and am ready to go!

I finally got my squares for the YCMT quilting project chosen and cut out:

And I even have some of the lines drawn, so hopefully, while football runs in the background, I will be able to get them stitched and cut. I am VERY far behind the you see an on-going theme here? There is, and truly, I am resigned. I would be the child in the class who waited until the night before to study for a test......some things I guess you just never outgrow!

Now, while I have been looking for something that I lost/misplaced/hidden? Guess what I found......all my Homespun items for the website. Towels, Hot Pads and even the Mug, the question is: "should I actually be allowed to have a shop?" Quickly followed by...."should I be allowed to go to town by myself"? The answer, probably not. However, even Max needs a break from me....(well, he says "no", but really, sometimes I glance over and his eyes are spinning...of course, as long as his head isn't spinning, I should be okay..........)

I hate it when I put things away for safe keeping, or worse yet, when I put them someplace so I can find them instantly. That pretty much guarantees that they will NEVER be seen again. Someday, when I am gone....the kids are going to come in and go through stuff (I have made them PROMISE on a HUGE stack of Bibles, that they will not let the neighbors in to help them), and they will find some of the gifts that we bought for them for Christmas' when they were young...(what can I say? We had THREE kids that felt it was their MORAL duty to search out and check out all the Christmas gifts before Christmas.....and no, I have NO idea where that came from.....obviously some far in the past gene...) Hopefully by the time that time comes, those items will be antiques and they can make some money.......Yeah, that's how I can play it......I stashed those items so they could have an inheritance! Maybe I can set it up as a game?

I just glanced up and this is what I see:

The tree has been down for almost two weeks....I missed this, obviously. Now, a confession? I actually TURNED the lights on this morning......I am a well-trained rat obviously! Maybe I can get a part-time job?

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Brother, the Artist

Good morning, all! Hope that you are all having a good day! It is gorgeous here today....cold, but the sun is out and there is blue sky!! The first time we have seen this in ages!!! Really helps on that energy output!!

I just had to blog and brag about my brother, Craig, and his work! He has been working with horseshoes and has created some really wonderful items! They are all Hand-forged and then he adds Gun Bluing to them, and they hang from Latigo. I have listed them in the shop, just in case anyone would like to send a loved one a heart? It is almost Valentine's Day!!

Anyway, here we go! This is his large measures 5.75" long and 6.5" wide and has a total length of approx. 9"

This next one is the smaller heart which measures 6" long and 5.75" wide and has a total length of approx. 9".
He has also done a picture frame from the large heart (my nephew's horse Jodie was the model in this): He is also working on some with initials added, these are some samples:

And last, but certainly not least....Horseshoe Garden Hose Stakes for your garden! These have to be my absolute favorite!! (and guess what we got for Christmas?!!! I can hardly wait to use them, if the rain ever stops!):

Now he is working on a set of Wind Chimes! I can hardly wait to see them!

Well, I suppose I should close now...people are beginning to make comments about my Christmas tree, honestly? I cannot bear to take it down, I love my tree! And, I could decorate it for the next holidays...I've done that before. We once had a tree that would not lose it's needles, it was up through May........but this one now, is artificial, and so I can't use that as an excuse! Besides, I want my space back!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I WON!!!!!

I WON!! Yep, I won something!! I cannot believe it! Thank you, Donna!!!!

Donna, at Cottage Days and Journeys had a 1 year Anniversary Giveaway. As soon as I heard about it, I hied my little tushie right over there and signed up! And I WON!! (okay, I know that I have mentioned this several times already, but I haven't won anything for a long time....well, I did win tickets to see the Beatles at the Cow Palace, but that was in 1965....and it didn't work out exactly as I had planned....George did NOT look out in the audience, his eyes meeting my eyes, a moment of silent communication between us....Me: heavy sigh, lowered lashes.....and from George: "I will wait for you....I will wait forever for you".....nope, didn't happen, unless I missed something?)OH!! I did win something else...and I received the prize from DONNA!! My wonderful necklace...that I wear all the time....I believe I mentioned it in an earlier post....I may be able to start a little collection of "Donna Art"...Donna, are you listening? I can hardly wait to get the pincushion...I have already cleaned out the perfect spot for, I better go buy some new pins.......

Here is a photo of it:

Gotta go....I'm off to buy Lottery Tickets.....................

A New Year...A New Project!

I am sitting here, thinking that while I have decided to not even bother with Resolutions....see I can't even type it straight......I am going to do GOALS. That when..... if......if I fade out and get nothing's no biggie! (well, okay, I'm going to WHINE about it the last three months of the year, but that is just an understood thing around here......
So, the dilemna....what project? Hmmmm....of course I could finish the three needlepoint projects lying around here......there is that knitted scarf for Max....and I really need to get on that, the cold weather will be finished before I am.....then there are the three wool knitted purse projects for the girls that I need to finish and felt....the stack of magazines that are now leaning like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and will be hitting the floor when I add this months' bunch of magazines to it. The beads that I have waiting to become bracelets.......but NO, none of this!! I am going to start a NEW project. Maybe one that I will actually finish on time!!

I had a newsletter from "You Can Make This", and there is was...staring me in the face! I would make a quilt top, and accomplish two (or more) things. I would, maybe, just maybe use some of this fabric leaning crazily out of my hutch.....I could get a gift done......and I might actually get something finished that was FUN! And it sounds so good! It is called a Make-It-Up-As-You-Go-Quilt...and I can do that! It is a NO STRESS project! I am so in!! I will let you all keep me accountable, as I am going to post every week as to what I have done. I am a few days behind, as I just found out about it, but tomorrow? I am digging out fabric!! I want some new fabric? And I have boxes, and I mean boxes of old fabric that I need to use before I get anymore! So, are you ready for this?!

Now,on to other things....Olivia checked out the blog the other day and emailed me, saying;

"love it! Love the pics...however, you need to add Grandma's pictures in there....I've attached a few suggestions!!! love ya".

So, I am posting some for her! Now, bear in mind that these photos are a little over a year old....we took them when we were back in FL a year ago last Oct. And the kids have grown....but they are darling kids, and well....Olivia DID ask....and I am such a obliging person...besides, I love seeing photos of our babies! So, bear with me, Okay? You can see the "before photos"! Here is Max and Lauren, taking time out for a quick read:

While Grandma (Oh so not the best photo of Grandma......) and Aidan play:
Grandpa and Aidan head into the dining room to see what all the noise is about: Big surprise!!! It's Grandma.....getting hugs and kisses from Brad: I am not big on having my photos taken...I prefer to be on the "other" side of the camera...but, Olivia was busy I am!

Well, it is time for dishes....and then Max has a movie for us to watch, and I will make some popcorn...although after looking at these photos...I do not need popcorn.....but, then I have lost weight since then...not a lot....but popcorn it is!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A busy Saturday........

How is everyone's weekend going? I hope that it is going exactly as you planned it! No surprises (unless they are good suprises) this weekend!!

I have been muddling about....a little of this, and a little of that.....pretty much the typical day at the Franklin Homestead!!!

I did get to talk to a good friend...well, not only is she a friend, she is my pretend big sister....I never had one of those...and so Kathy has been doing her best to be the big sister I never had....up to and including calling and teasing me.....well actually, she got Max too, know what she did? Huh, huh? Well, she called to tell me that she was eating the KOFA....the KOFA!!! Now while that probably won't mean a thing to any of you out there in Blogland....the four of us, as in Kathy and Wayne, me and Max.....the FOUR of us.....used to go there and eat out while we were all in AZ. And she called to let us know that the TWO of them were there.....and then she HAD TO HANG UP.......her dinner had arrived....FISH AND CHIPS!!!!....was that mean or what? And then? She hung up!!!! She hung up and ate her Fish and Chips.....without me.....and now? I want Fish and Chips. Doesn't matter that Max cooked and we had take-out pizza for dinner...(my favorite kind even), I want FISH AND CHIPS!! And I don't want just ANY Fish and has to be Kofa's Fish and Chips and their Iced Tea......with Kathy and Wayne....somehow the food always tasted better when there were four of us.....

So, after I recovered from that, (okay, Max told me that whining was not becoming..), I decided that I needed to accomplish something this weekend. So, out came the cardmaking stuff, and I did three cards to list on the site and on etsy. I have been wanting to get it done, but manage to find other stuff to occupy my time! Now, I have three cards listed on etsy, and tomorrow I will pop them on the site. And since I will still have the cardmaking stuff over here (and over there, and over there...........), I might as well do some more! Here are the ones I did.....Elivis, who was actually our Christmas Card this year....I just left the inside blank on this card.....

Then I did a fun one...................

The inside says: "I took a close look at my life...perhaps you heard my scream?"

And then this one, which is from a copy of one of my Mom's vintage postcards. I took two of the cards, cut out the inside frame and the ship in one of them, then layered them on top of the first one, with some of the pop made a shadowbox effect. Then I stamped "dream" on the front. The envelope also has "dream" stamped on it. I absolutely love playing with those cards.....they are so beautiful.

I should sleep good tonight.....playing with papers really is relaxing! So, speaking of sleeping? I think I will say "goodnight" and head to bed! Talk to you all soon! OH! And I should probably tell you all that once Kathy and Wayne finished their dinner and went home, she did call me back and we spent an hour on the phone catching up.....that's what sisters do, right? LOL!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Here it is! A New Year!!! Yippeee!!!! I think that most of us were ready to boot 2008 out the door......I know I was!!! Of course, 2008 brought some wonderful things to us.....the biggest one being our Katelyn.....she made it all worthwhile!

She has her Great Great Grandma's beautiful red hair.....that's the Irish in her!

Another highlight? Jordan lost her first tooth..............

How was everyone's Christmas? I hope that it was wonderful!! We had a very nice Christmas, our family gathered at my brother Craig's house....we didn't have any of the kids home, but we got to spoil our nephew Jamey richly! It was fun!

Our Christmas morning started at 6:00am with the phone ringing, it was our 4 year old granddaughter calling to say that Santa had been to their house, and they got lots of good stuff....including a club house that her Daddy had made for her and her brother.

And she wanted to know if Santa had been to our house.....then her Daddy got the phone and we chatted for a bit.....but once Brad heard that we were supposed to be going to Uncle Craig's, and that wasn't until 8:00am, he was horrified! His reaction? "That's just mean, Mom, get over there so Jamey can open his presents! Don't make him wait"!! !

Jamey doesn't look like he suffered too much, does he?

On our way to Craig's, Brandi called and we caught up during the drive (a whole mile down the road from us!), and while we were doing that, Jamie had been emailing photos to us of Alex and her Christmas............
So by the time we got inside we were well into the Christmas spirit!

Once we got there, Deanna caught us (she's in NZ), and later in the day we heard from Bob.....hopefully when he has time, we will get some Christmas photos of Shawn and Anna! And some of Jordan when Deanna has time!

Right now we are snug in the house...we have had high winds since late last night...supposed to hit 70mph...which I am sure it has at least twice! We get a lot of wind here anyway, so we don't notice it much, but Max is out checking the garage, and all, just in case something hit the ground and we missed it, which I suppose is possible, it being a FOOTBALL DAY here!

I spent yesterday going through some of my baskets of patterns, and was very firm with the time I got through one, I had a nice pile of patterns to go....I am always amazed at how I manage to stash stuff for "down the road"...well, "down the road" hit yesterday, and they are indeed going "down the road"! I have listed some on the website, with much more to come. I had hoped to scan more in today, but will wait until the weather settles. I hate to have the computer on.....we still have a chance of losing our electricity. I am so glad that we have the laptop, I can get my computer fix, and not worry about that little item!

Well, the lights are starting to flicker, so I am going to close this and light some candles......the winds are coming faster and harder, and I want to cuddle up with a book! Tomorrow I will be checking out all the blogs that I have missed the last couple of weeks!!

Hope you all are doing well, and are enjoying the 1st day of 2009!!