Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I've Been Surfing!

If only........California Girl here, from the Sixties...transplanted to the Oregon Coast...and after MANY years....still think that Surfing means Sand, Sun and Beach Boys music blaring in the car!!

But, since I have outgrown that..(my body has really expanded in the Oregon Rain...couldn't be the food, right?) my "surfing" is now confined to the Internet, and this morning, I needed some inspiration...and look what (who), I found! Hamilton House!! What a great blog!! I thoroughly enjoyed my morning browsing! And came away with all kinds of ideas for the house. My house....yikes, that is a whole 'nother blog by itself.......hmmmm.........

Anyhow...back to Hamilton House! Click on the photo to the right to go there, and check it out for yourself!

Now, what else is happening? The Shop has been keeping me busy. Not as busy as I should be, but busy nonetheless! I am only working on Friday and Saturdays for now, and spending the rest of the week at home. Max is still not feeling all that great, and I hate to leave him. I had great plans of stitching and rug hooking and taking finished items to the shop on Fridays....hasn't happened yet! But I am holding onto hope that it will soon!

We are so happy to be in Olde Towne, and have some really great neighbors. Also a great restaurant across the street now...that has awesome soups and food....another temptation which is not one that I need! But if you ever get to Florence, you have to come down and try the Maple Street Grille! (I know the afternoon chef...and she is GOOD!!)

Well, not much to say today...which, okay, I admit is a switch from my usual blabbe..ummm...knowledg.......well, you get the picture!!!

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