Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So much has happened these last few months, and I have to admit....I have been very lax keeping up with it all!!

We are hoping that you had a Wonderful Holiday Season! Our was great! We missed our family members who were far away, but we were able to talk to them all, and somehow, even though we miss them terribly, it helps!!

Shop news is exciting! Our ad came out in Country Sampler, and it has kept us busy! We are so thankful for that! It has really made a difference! We had a great couple of months here at the shop, and we are thankful for that too!!!

Now, for the most exciting news....(well, we were hoping the Ducks would win the BCS, but since they didn't......well.....movin' on....!) The shop is moving!!! We have outgrown our space here, and while we love it, it is time to move on! We will be leaving here the 1st. of February and moving to a place just off of Bay Street. We will be playing with the big girls and boys!!! We were invited to share a space with a shop already down there, and so after much thought and consideration, we agreed. We will be in the same building, but we will be separate, with a divider between us. And we will be just down the street from The Wrens Nest! Wren, the owner of The Wrens Nest, has been so good to us and for us! She has sent so many of our customers to us, and we are thankful (seeing a pattern here? LOL), for her! And she has the coolest shop! If you ever get to Florence, you need to stop by and shop!!

Other than that, things have been just going along! I decided that I was not going to make any New Years' Resolutions...so I am making "thoughts"....and right now I am "thinking", that I should blog more regularly. We'll see just how that goes!!

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