Thursday, April 15, 2010

What have Brenda and I been up to....?????

What, oh, what, has been going on here on the Oregon Coast? And where have we been? And how could we be gone so long......??? Huh? Huh?

Well, we have a dandy excuse....really, we do! Here is a tease:

And here? Another glimpse:

A more direct approach, maybe?

Can you read the window? Here is the final shot.....

(We haven't gotten to the flower beds yet.......but that is coming soon!).
YEP!! We did it!! After 12 years of talking about it, we now have a SHOP!! On the Oregon Coast!! Primitives, Folk Art, Vintage Wares, Candles, Soaps & Altered Art. We are officially open now, and we are loving it!! Every minute of it! So, you see, we haven't forgotten about you all, we have had our nose to the grindstone for the past four months!

We actually started this in December,but it took awhile to get it together. We found the perfect little shop, and then had to wait until we could take possession of it, then they had to do some inside work.....then we finally got to it! After a lot of cleaning....lots of painting.....and lots of sewing, and making candles.....well, we opened up, and are busy, busy, busy. We have stocked the shop totally ourselves, and plan to keep it that way, if at all possible. It will take a bit, but we hope to have it stuffed to the gills before the start of summer. So, if any of you are here on the Oregon Coast and hit Florence, come and see us! We are the only Primitive shop here!

Well, I will share more pictures with you later! I just wanted to let you know that we are here, and that I am back in Blogland! I have missed you all, and will be busy catching up on everyone and everything. I tried to keep up as we were working on the shop....but, it seems that I would just get lost? And then I would read and read and read? And nothing would get done? I even timed myself one day...and turned the timer off when it rang, and read and read and read....needless to say, I got nothing done!


Donna said...

Congratulations on your new shop! You have to be excited! I hope that you have a rousing success of it all.

LOL, I know what you mean about blogland eating up the hours in a day. Guilty as charged!

Jan said...

Hi, Donna! Thank you!! I know that I have said this before, and it is getting old...but I really miss you when I am not online checking out your blog...and I worried about Marty!

Sandra said...

Congratulations! What an exciting venture and adventure; best of success to you and would love to visit that part of the country again.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Well Jan how wonderful that you are finally able to enjoy your dream.
This is sjust great.


Jan said...

Thanks, Sandra!!! If you get out here, give us a call!!! Would love to meet you in person!!!

Jan said...

Hi, Karen! Thanks! It is fun and exciting!! And I am almost too old to take it!