Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This morning, I was awakened by a Text Message....It read 2:38:40!

It had come from Brandi...and the numbers? That is the time she ran...13.1 miles....Wow!! She has been running for a while now, and she has kept busy doing Marathons. Just lately, she did a 5k run, did the Buddy Walk (which they do every year as a family). She did a hear4hope, the Susan G Komen Run, and today the Jazz Half Marathon in New Orleans to benefit the Children's Hospital. (I hope I got that right). And, as you can see from the photos below...Alex is right there with her! When Jamie and Brandi were first together, Jamie said " have to find Brandi a hobby". Brandi was fine with that too...I think...she never said "no", but then, maybe she couldn't? LOL

So, I undertook that mission...."Cross Stitch"? "Scrapbooking"? Well, Brandi found her hobby! That was where the Running came in!

Here is a photo of The Buddy Walk, which the family does every year:

From L-R...a friend, Brandi, Jamie and Alex in the wagon....(not sure who the other little one is)

Last week, it was the Susan G. Komen Run.....

Alex joins in.....(don't you love that head tilt?)

And here is a photo of Alex and her first 5k run with Momma...

Alex missed the run today...instead, she stayed home with Daddy....where I am sure that they spent the day watching football!

I am just in awe of her!


Kim said...

Brandi and Alex are 2 wonderful heroes. Alex will grow up and know the value of giving back to community. Great post!

Jan said...

Thanks, Kim! I talked to Brandi this morning.....she was headed home, and ready for another run...the next one, I think she said was a full Marathon. I hope we can get back there sometime and watch!