Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane.....

A visit to the hospital, and a haircut....What? A Haircut you say? Indeed!!

So, we'll go back a couple of days.....about a week ago, Mom F. had to go in and have an Endoscopy.....she had been losing blood. Got that done, and then last Friday, we went in and talked to the surgeon. Life gets interesting here! We got her in, and got all settled...Theresa took her BP. I was glancing around, and my eyes landed on the BP stuff. (Like those technical terms?). Anyway, I am watching and waiting for the little tick.....which was not appearing. So, I watched and watched and when it hit 100, with no tick? I lost the view of it, Mom's head was in the way. So I watched Theresa, whose eyes were getting larger and larger....bottom line? 77/42!

So out she went, in came the surgeon who informed us: Didyourscope, didn'tfindanything, makingyouanappointmentwiththeTriagedoctorattheclinic,outyougo.Talklater.

And out he went. In came Karen, who informed us we would need to go to the clinic. Mom was feeling fine. But we went to the clinic, did some blood work, and waited. Turns out that they needed to get rid of some meds, which we did.

Now, they also discovered that she needed another couple of units of blood, (still losing blood), so yesterday morning, we got the call and out to the hospital we went. This was at 1:00, so once we got her settled, I ran out to get some lunch. As I passed Radiology, I decided to pop in and say "hi" to Laurie and Lisa. Hugs all around then some catching up...then, I said, "Cut my hair"? (middle of the day here, and I like to live life on the edge). Not one to pass up a challenge, out came the rubberbands, and scissors...(we're talking office scissors here...). Into the film room we went, where with several snips, off came my hair....19" of it. Into a baggie it went, and today, it went to "Locks of Love".

It needed to be done ages ago.....but I just couldn't. Every time I decided, someone would say "Your hair is so beautiful" or "Love your hair" I would back down. AND, I hate going to the salon. (okay, mostly, I am vain....I admit that!). Luckily, Laurie is always up to a challenge, and Lisa donates regularly to "Locks of Love", so she has a hairdresser that will mail it off. Then, I discovered that you can do it yourself, online.

This is something that I feel strongly about! My hair grows so fast, and it is so needed! There are so many people who lose their hair during treatments for cancer and other diseases. My hair is now scheduled for a yearly cut....yes, probably in Radiology, at the the film room......with Laurie, scissors in hand, and Lisa, standing around, making comments...("it's okay Laurie...she won't be able to see that bald spot in the mirror....). So, if you have some extra hair that you don't need? "Locks of Love" will take it right off your head!!

Mom was finished at about was a long day for her. We capped it off with Chinese, and all of us hit the bed early!

Other than is just cruising on. Mom F. will be getting some meds for ulcers..they have decided that she must have a bleeding ulcer in her small intestine, so hopefully, that will solve the problem. She went through this about five years ago. She has been afraid that she had cancer, and has not been sleeping. We are trying to convince her that she doesn't, but for some reason, she has that in her head, and it is taking some work to convince her!

Well, just got a phone call...we have friends coming from the Valley. It is nice here - 61*, and going to be over 100* out they are coming to cool down. Now I need to get the couch cleaned off. Why is it that when you start going through stuff, and putting it in piles, that invariably you have company? Hmmmm....wonder if they have a Grant for that....?


Gettysburg Homestead said...

So glad Mom is OK. That BP is quite low and would be scary.

What a wonderful gesture donating your hair to Locks of Love. But now I wanna see the end result. LOL


Jan said...

You should see Mom! She is sitting here in the rocker, eating some Hawaiian Pizza....watching Monster would never know that she had had a bad week!

I should have done a before and after photo!!!! As soon as I get the camera will be the first to see.....are ya ready? I'll warn you....don't want to send you into shock!!!

Karen said...

Morning Jan, how wonderful to donate your hair.
Wish we could have seen a photo of you with all that length - taking off 19 inches and leaving you with hair - it must have been REALLLLLLY LONG!

Glad mom is okay and it could be worse than an ulcer so thank the Lord.


Jan said...

Hey, Karen!

I do wish I would have had a photo of the before......I am feeling naked right now! Next time, I will have Lisa shoot a picture first!

It could be so much worse for Mom...I am hoping that she will return to her normal, cheerful self soon! We miss her!