Friday, May 15, 2009

What is it about 13 year old boys.............?

Today is the second day of sun, and my aches and pains are almost gone, and I feel ALIVE again!! I will be spending the weekend catching up on all my favorite people and blogs! Yess!!!!!

I thought I would share some photos with you..(I, yeah, that's the nephew that this could happen......silly boy, he doubted me!)

We spent the afternoon with Mom and Dad several weeks ago, and I, of course, had the camera with me. I just wanted a photo of Jamey and his Grandma. Surely not too much to ask? Right? Apparently it was.....silly me, I had forgotten that he was 13 now. Life changes at that age. Obviously. Check these photos out......

Grandma gives me a beautiful smile......

So, we try again:
Grandma still has a pretty smile.....hmm....Jamey? Okay, we try again:
Notice, Grandma's smile....but Jamey, he gives me one....well, more or less. So, one more photo:
Grandma is tired.....but finally, he's not being toooo silly!
Thirteen is a cool Jamey reminded me the other day. The family was together and he was being him....Jamey informed his Dad: "I'm Aunt Janet's favorite nephew". To which his Dad replied, "You're her only nephew". Jamey's comeback? "Yes, but I am her favorite only nephew". He is right! I love the logic!!